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Routine Question

Hey guys, I am wondering what kind of a routine I should start with? I am looking for size/aesthetics mainly, I have been following SL5x5 lately but that is a strength routine and won’t be adding lots of muscle Mass or am I wrong? Just need some help and have already read the stickies just looking for some opinions.

Age - 14
Height - 5’7
Weight - 140lbs
BF% - 12

Thanks & Kind Regards,


If you want to bodybuild do a bodybuilding routine

search for “the bodybuilding bible” in the bodybuilding section for help with this

at 140 pounds any program will work

people grow on 5x5 programs, yes. so long as they keep increasing the loading and make sure they eat enough food to support the growth.

you might need to eat a lot more food than you think you need to. do you keep a food log?

you might have a harder time growing muscle at 14 than you would at 18. t levels etc. i’m not sure about that.