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Routine/Program Help

Just getting back into training and have been racking my brain reading over endless programs but wanted to get some advice before i picked one .I have been training on and off since I was 17 yrs old so dont consider myself a noob but probably never did it correctly basically 1 body part once a week. Never did any research and just followed what everyone else was doing in the gym. Stopped training all together once i got married and had kids.

Eventually got back into it with Kbs and body weight but then had a set back due to work related injuries (herniated discs and shoulder surgery almost 1 year ago) did my rehab and am ready to start lifting again. Built up a decent home gym, my goals are size and strength but porbably leaning towards size right now.

I have been doing my boring 1 body part a week routine on the light volume/intensity side but feel like I am ready to dive into a program below are the ones I have been reading up on any ideas or opinions would be a big help. I kind of like something I can do 2days on 1 day off.

push/pull splits
heavy/light splits
some sort of 5x5