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Routine Overview

I am a 16 yr old junior in High School looking for advice on my current routine. Been lifting for about a year, steady. Rarely miss a workout unless its holiday, and the longest I’ve gone without working out was around one and a half weeks.

I do some tapering and very light work (calisthenics) every couple weeks but I usually hit the gym for most physical work. For the first couple months of my weightlifting experience, I worshiped Pavel Tsatsouline. About two months ago, I ran into T-Nation, and began to read. 2 Months later and I think I just finished the 2007 archive + a notebook of notes.

Before anyone thinks of asking, YES my current routine(listed below) works for me. I have been on it for 7 weeks now and the gains were good, not great, but slow and steady I guess.

Goal: Strength. Mass is good too but I really would prefer strength.

Although I still weigh roughly 145 lbs, due to my height I appear very stocky. Diet will be posted later but it’s as clean as a high school kid can do I guess.

Current Statistics:

Height: 5’3" or 160 cm (Very short, I’m Filipino)
Weight: 143 lbs
BF% = Roughly 10-13% (Tested with calipers)

Maxes (1RM)

Squat: 215 lbs
Bench: 195 lbs
Deadlift: 235 lbs

Power Clean: 135 lbs
Snatch: 105 lbs
*Just started and these are my favorite exercises.

If I missed any others I’ll try to post them.


This routine is a TBT-style type of workout. Repeated 3 times a week, workout A is done twice a week. Workout B is done one a week.

Sun: rest
Mon: Workout A
Tues: rest
Wed: Workout B
Thurs: rest
Fri: Workout A
Sat: Rest

Workout A

Snatch - 5x5
2 Min rest per set.

Back Squat - 5x5
2 Min rest per set.

Bench Press - 4x6
1 Min rest per set.

Dumbbell Rows - 4x6
Alternated with the Bench Press
1 min rest per set.

Deadlift - 5x5
2 Min rest per set.

Plate Push+Pull w/ Leg - 3x8
**Trains hip abductors since school gym has no cables. Just a side push with leg, side drag with leg on a plate.

Workout B

Clean - 4x6
2 Mins per set.

Front Squat - 5x5
2 Mins rest per set.

Close-Grip Bench Press - 5x5
1 Mins rest per set
Alternated with Pull-Up

Pull-up w/Dumbbell - 3x5
1 Min rest per set.
Alternated with CG-BP.

Snatch Grip Deadlift - 3x5
2 Mins rest per set

Bent Barbell Press - 3x4
2 Mins rest per set

Any comments? Questions? To reiterate, I’m mainly looking for a way to swtich this up/vary when I happen to stagnate. I just believe not to change unless its broke. I have heard of WS4SB due to its joint purpose of mass and strength.

Thanks in advance for any replies(the useful ones anyway).

Don’t do long sets for the Oly lifts.

Max of 3 for the clean and probably 1-2 is best for the snatch.

So something like C+J 6x3 and Snatch 8x2.