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Routine on AAS/PH


I plan on starting my second cycle of OT at 40mg/ed for 6 wk. Loved what it did for me last year. I wanna cut with it this time so was looking to get into a fat loss routine like CP's lactic acid training. Read many great reviews and saw that its recommended to keep at 6 weeks as anymore would be overtraining and detrimental to the CNS. Would a routine like this be good to run with gear. My first cycle I ran prop/var for 8 wks and did a traditional 4 day split and was good. Then with my first OT cycle, ran MHPT, great as well. I'm now at 210, would like to lose 10-15. Gonna try to keep my carbs around the 150-200g/day range and totals kcal round 2500. Bottomline, would a routine like this be a "waste" on gear as I always heard that on gear, train heavy all the time...