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Routine & Nutrition While On TRT

From people that are on TRT, did you switch up your routine when you weren’t on TRT to being on TRT? I currently follow Jim Wendler’s philosophy 531, which has you increasing the weights 5-10 lbs once a month with deloads worked in about every 7th week, this is sort of a slow progression or should I switch to more of a linear progression while on TRT and try to increase the weight on the barbell every week?

My other question is I have my nutrition down really good with Low T, I know how many calories to lose weight and how much to gain weight. While on TRT how much should I bump those calories up as a starting point?

I’ve been doing different 531 variants/templates for years, mostly 2 days a week with FSL. Started on 100mg a week a couple months ago.

I’ve haven’t changed a thing on my workouts since starting TRT. 3 weeks and a deload. Good nutrition, 7-8 hours a night of sleep. Everything just keeps getting easier in terms of weight and reps.

Maybe I could be making faster progress on a linear system like SS, but that sort of flies in the face of Jim’s system. No?

Slow and steady wins the race, sort of like what folks around here preach re: TRT in general.