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First of all, Im sorry fellas if this post is in the wrong spot. I am also sure there are plenty of posts on this particular topic, so if someone can just direct me to the right place, I’ll be on my way.

I want to begin a TRT regime. However, I want to get my blood work done so I know how to tailor my regime. What exact panels should I ask my doctor to test for?

My goals are not to body build. I simply want to have a normal functioning body that is not completely drained of hormones due to age. I am 63 years old. Thank you guys for your expertise, there is no other place for this kind of feedback!


free T4
free T3
reverse T3 (if low thyroid is suspected)
Total testosterone
Free testosterone

Thank you High pull!

Hi PlanetG, Nice to have another senior member on the forum. I’m 65 been on TRT for the last 4 years.

Adding the Thyroid Panel as highpull suggests will double the cost of your mens health blood panel. Just though you should know that.

Defy Med Complete Thyroid Panel
TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (Anti-TPO), Thyroglobulin Antibody

The Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Lab Panel for Men (Initial) has the following recommended test.
CBC, CMP-14, Lipid Panel, Testosterone Free and Total, Estradiol Sensitive, DHEA-Sulfate, TSH, PSA, LH, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, IGF-1

Always keep in mind how a 20 or 30 year old handles TRT is nothing like >55.

Right on hrdlvn, in my case, what do you suppose the benefits of adding the thyroid panel would be? In other words, how would my lipid profile end up change up how I structure my regime?

Its good to have some older friends on this forum.

If money is not an issue(defy or discounted ~$225 for thyroid and ~$215 for mens hormone and general health) or you have good insurance and a doc that will listen and order All the proper tests.
It really is a good idea to make sure your thyroid is working good not just in range. In range just means you are not dying from it. HaHa. The reason is TRT won’t work very well if the thyroid is acting up.

There is also nothing wrong with doing both panels at the same time. There is only a couple meds offered if your thyroid needs a tweak. The male hormone test will tell you if your testis have given up or your pituitary gland is no longer sending the two hormones needed for T and sperm. Knowing if your hypogonadism is primary or secondary is good to know. At our age either requires TRT to correct. The other options if you are secondary aren’t much fun and work much better on the young fellows still trying to make babies where most guys our age just like to stay in practice. HaHa

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Yep, as a 64 y/o, I’ll second this. Primary or secondary, it’s moot. TRT is the answer. Good luck.