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[Routine] Is this Too Much?


Hello all,
I have some experience lifting and thought id put together my own routine. I have no particular goal other than to become stronger and maintain a respectable endurance level. I do not train for anything.

1 minute rest between sets and 2 minute rest between exercises.
High pull is just the arm movement, not the olympic lift version.

Monday: Back squat - moderate (3 warm up sets and 2 sets at 5 reps)
Bench - heavy (3 warm up sets, one set for 5, one set for triple and one set of 8)
Bent over Barbell row (warm up set and 3 sets of 5)
Inclined Sit up (warm up and 3 sets of 8)
Barbell curl (warm up and 3 sets of 5)

Later in the day: Speed and agility work

Tuesday: Front squat - heavy (2 warm up sets and 3 sets at 5 reps)
High pull (warm up and 3 sets of 5)
Plank (max time one set)

Later in the day: 1 hour of gymnastics

Wednesday: Back squat - speed (warm up and 2 sets of 8)
Press (warm up and 3 sets of 5)
Deadlift (3 warm up sets, one set of 3 and one set of 5)
Grip work

Later in the day: Jogging (30 min)

Thursday: Front squat - speed work (warm up and 2 sets of 8)
dips (1 warm up set and 3 sets of 5)
Bent over Barbell row (warm up set and 3 sets of 5)
Side plank (1 set of max time)

Later in the day: 1 hour of gymnastics

Friday: Back squat - heavy (3 warm up sets, one set of 5 reps and one set for triple)
Bench - moderate (2 warm up sets and 3 sets at 5 reps)
Power clean (warm up and 3 sets of triples)
Barbell Curl (warm up and 3 sets of 5)

Later in the day: nothing or swimming (depends on the mood)

Saturday: Landmine (warm up and 3 sets of 8)
Neck exercises
Farmer's walk (2 minutes * 3)

Later in the day: long jog (1 hour to 1h30)

Sunday: Nothing at all

When i wake up and go to bed i do these exercises (so twice a day) until failure for one set per exercise:

Monday, wednesday and friday:
Push ups
pull ups
jump squats

Tuesday, thursday and saturday:
Glute ham raise
jump rope (5 minutes)

On week 4 i only use 75 percent of my usual work load and replace the wednesday and saturday runs with some field work (sandbag, logs, sled pulling, etc). Aswell, no gymnastics or swimming during week 4.

After week 4 i resume the routine (week 5 = week 1).

I will get plenty of food and rest as i am a university student and spend my day on my ass. I also live a jog away from university and the gym so no time wasted on traveling.

I hope i dont come off as too retarded. I think my plan is doable but some people might say otherwise. That's why i'm posting it here.

Thank you for your time.


Why would you do a squat exercise everyday? This seriously needs revamping. If I was you I would lump all of my leg stuff on one day as well as chest, back and shoulders each on their own day. If you insist, you can do each twice a week. Either way, you need to revamp this, do some research on various programs.


Most programs have you squatting 3-4 times a week.
I figured i could do 3 days of heavy squatting with 2 days of light, grease the groove squatting.
How would you change the program for someone who wants to improve back and front squat?


Seems like his primary goal is to get as strong as possible and you gave him a body-part split?




That isn't what i asked.
Is it (my routine) too excessive or is it doable?

Thanks again


Too much squatting...you only need to squat 3x a week to grease the groove and gain some real strength on the squat

Something simple as this:
Mon: 5x5 squat (use your 7-8RM)
Wed: Squat 2x5 reps at 80% of Monday weight
Friday: Squat 1x5 rep max..or a 1x3 rep max (shoot for a pr)..also you can cycle it 3 weeks max set of 5, take a week a little easy and only do 1 squat session a week, then for the next 3 week cycle use 3RM.


You're only mentioning back squat though? Is it possible to do both (back AND front squat) in the same week?




If he's planning on working out 5 days a week, yes. Do you work everything 5 days a week?


front squat and back squat work TOTALLY different muscles and in no way are related, so i dont see the problem....


it could be that even though they have a different emphasis, they actually work a lot of the same muscles. with that theory in mind, refer back to your program and see if theres a problem.

guess the word "some" in your opening statements is to be taken pretty subjectively...


Both are squats and pretty much work everything. Difference is front squat is more quad and hip dominant whereas back squat is hamstring and posterior chain dominant.

I'm not asking for sheiko, ws4sb, starting strength, russian volume training, dogcrapp, bill starr and co routines.
I just want to know if my routine is good and makes sense. If there are problems (too many squats?), i'd like you guys to provide some suggestions to alternatives.

Thanks again


No it does not make sense. People are offering advice take it or leave it.


All you told me was put legs on one day. So...squat one day?
What kind of advice is that?
"No you cant squat 5 days a week, even though the squatting is at different intensities...so instead you should squat 1 day a week"

And rasturai has good advice i think i'll take his.


This is way too much. More is not better.

There is only one program I can think of that even has you squating 4x/week (nevermind 5x/week), and that program only has you doing it for 3 weeks out of 12.

You might be able to follow that routine you listed for a few week. Heck, you might even make some gains in the first week or two, but eventually (probably by week three) you'll burn out on it.

If you're planning on doing TBT, you really can't train more than about 3 (maybe 4) days a week. If you successfuly manage to train like that 6 days a week, you're not lifting heavy enough. However, if you're training hard three days a week, you could easily squat every session. In the past, when I've wanted to do something like this, I've follow a plan that looks something like this:

Back Squat
Upper body push
Upper body pull

Front Squats
Upper body push
Upper body pull

Back Squat
Upper body push
Upper body pull

Run on days when you're not lifting.

I've usually used 5x5 for everything except the oly lifts (for which I gradually work up to a few heavy singles) and the deadlifts (for which I used 6x3). Hmmm... funny how that routine looks so similar to SS...

You're just complicating this way too much with multiple sessions per day, speed work, and calisthenic to failure twice a day.


Alright, thanks alot. I guess the SS template really is the best. I'll use this.


I squat at least 3 times a week usually. I do think the OP's routine is too much but honestly why would he want to squat one day a week when he is trying to get stronger?

I'm not saying you can't get stronger squatting once a week BUT by changing things up with percentages and rep range people can squat at least 3 times per week no problem.


Because it works.


You squat 3 times a week? And what is your max? EDIT: YOU CANNOT SQUAT 400. Why are giving anyone advice on squat training?


You come here for advice and don't listen to that given to you. And YES 1 day per week is a tried and true method of getting stronger. If you lift like you are supposed to, you won't want be able to squat again for three days. If you don't like it leave it and do your squats every day and see where that gets you. Don't listen to this 165 lb communist kid arguing my advice. There is only one program that I know of that even calls for squatting three days a week. So you have three choices here, if you are going to lift 5 days per week, do a fucking 5 day split, if not switch to 4 and do an upper/lower with wednesday off, or do the three day program mentioned earlier.