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I am a very dedicated lifter, and am curious as to what I should try as far as hypertrophy training tecniques. I am currently on a 10x3 program and am approaching the last week of it. I was planning to next work on the CW’s hybrid hypertrophy workout. Which of the following are good workout routines that I could incorperate or change to?
The basics being:

Total Body Training (TBT)

Upper Body and Lower Body days

Complimentary Breakdowns: Chest,triceps…Back,biceps

Any incite on which training tecniques work well for muscular gains would be greatly appreciated.


I highly recommend full-body workouts or the upper/lower split (training in planes of movement, i.e. horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical push, vertical pull, etc.).

As for full-body workouts, I had great success with CW’s SFM. I gained 5lbs and all my lifts went up in the four weeks. I also liked his “Lift Fast” program, although, I found it a bit draining after four weeks. TBT is another good plan for hypertrophy.

For upper/lower body splits and training in planes of movement, I like ABBH, Renegade Training and variations of the 10x3 program that CW recently wrote for Men’s Fitness (Backward Training).

Figure out whether you want to train for size or strength (or both) and plan accordingly. The above-listed programs will cater to certain needs.