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Routine Help?

Hi guys!

I need a little help with my routin… please critique…

monday. quads 9sets (squat, legpress, lunges
hams 6 sets (SLDL)
calvs 6 sets (3 seated, 3 standing)
forearms 3 sets

tue MMA

wed chest 9 sets (3 incline,3 flat, 3 xxx)
shoulders 9 sets (3 military/dumbell, 3 side lat, 3 rear)
triceps 6 sets (3 dips, 3 xxx)

thu MMA

fri back 9 sets (3 pull ups, 3 BB rows, 3 xxx)
abs 9 sets
biceps 6 sets (3 BB curl, 3 hammer)
traps 3 sets (BB shrugs)

sat rest
sun rest

about reps and different exercises… rep range 4-10, and only compound lifts… i go by feeling, sometimes heavy and sometimes volume, it depends on if a have a fight comming up or not…

Thanks for the help!!!

So i guess it’s perfect then…

Ehh…perfection is over-rated. In general, if this blueprint is what works for you, I’d make only a few tweaks:

On Monday, I’d add 2 or 3 sets to your “quad” movement, make sure you have at least 1 unilateral exercise for the day, subtract 2 or 3 sets from your “calf” movement, and remove forearm training, unless it’s something full-body, like a farmer’s walk.

On Tuesday, I’d add 2or 3 sets to the chest movement, and subtract 3 from shoulders (more pressing, less laterals), and finish up with maybe 1 “tri” exercise for just 3 or 4 sets.

On Friday, again, I’d add 3 sets to “back”, add maybe 1 set to “abs”, and remove traps, and cut bicep work in half.

The focus for martial artists needs to be on full body lifts, and movement patterns as a whole, not 'having a chest,shoulders, and tricep day". On “back” day, try including snatches. On “leg day” (which, by the way, is a disgustingly generic term…like saying we ‘exercise’ in the gym), what about overhead squats. Big movements make better athletes.