Routine Help Please

My workout
Monday and Thursday- Chest= Barbell Bench 5 sets of 6-8 at 245 or 255, Barbell Incline 5 sets of 6-8 at 185 or 205, Flys 4 sets, Dumbell Incine 4 sets and Dumbell bench 4 sets, Triceps= pulldowns 4 sets and dips 4 sets

My chest is like a rollercoaster, somedays are great and others I could shoot myself. It doesnt develop near as fast as the rest of my body parts but I work it twice as hard. Am I working Chest to hard or to much? Should I subtract or add any different movements to this?

Tuesday and Thursday- Back= Pull ups 5x10, Lat pulls to the front and back 5 sets, Low Rows 5 sets, TBar Rows 4 sets Biceps= Curls 4 sets and Barbell Curls 4 sets.

My back has come along nicely But I was wandering if I was missing anything?

Wednesday and Saturday Legs= Squats 5x10, Deadlifts 4x10, Cleans 4x10 Then abs and Calves.

My legs get great gains but I have always had strong legs and they have always developed with ease.

This is my whole routine so if anyone could offer some advice to any part of my workout that would be great. I am really looking for advice on my Chest though.

in short very very hard to read how you lated it out BUT. Your doing to much and or not bringing the intensity needed. Of course your chest has bad and good days even more so then someone On a well desinged program. say you really hit the intensity up on monday come two days later your not ready for that again

In short rest more you grow and progress out of the gym or if you want to go every friggn day get a better program that would fit such schedule and allow recovery.


Check you recriutment patterns when you bench. Are you getting more shoulder or triceps than you should? If so vary your grip, go wider for more chest recriutment.
Also, you are doing way to much at one time to do chest with high frequncy. Cut that shit in half, you are over training. For instance, try flat and incline bench day one. Then decline and flys for the next training session. First, I would have de-loading week on your chest. Just do 5 set of nice light, fairly high rep dumbbell presses for one week. Then come back and hit it hard, but smart.