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Routine Help for My GF



I have a question i hope that ya'll can answer. My girlfriend is wanting to start lifting with me and I try to train her but I don't what kind of routine to put her on.

She is a horseback rider and has amazing core & leg strength. And thats about it. She does not want to lose her "curves", chest and butt, and I'm not sure how to work around that.

Any suggestions for routines would be greatly appreciated.



Google Jamie Eason's 12 Week LiveFit Trainer.

It's a good place to start for a beginner. It will lay out food/macros, and a beginning lifting schedule, complete with pictures of each exercise. It's specific about which body part to train on what day, and so forth to get someone going, and develop some confidence with strength training.

As for keeping her curves, no need to drop her bodyfat lower than she wants to. That's just a matter of aesthetics.


She will not lose her curves chest and butt.

Train her to get as big and strong as she can just like you would with a dude. If she ever starts to lose her curves chest butt and femininity, stop training her that way.

Lifting will only build muscle under her fat making her MORE shapely if anything with the possible exception of abs I have heard (does not apply to me) that weighted abs work can make women wider/thicker through the middle. If she has a great core already just stick with planks or hanging laise raises nothing weighted for abs.

Like Puff says the boobs and butt is bodyfat... and that has to do with diet.


Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.


She might find this link instructive. Here's a 50-year-old woman who trains regularly and even owns a Crossfit gym. She's done physique contests before. The before pics are her when she eats 2400-3200 cals per day. Still quite soft and curvy, despite lifting heavy stuff. A body type a lot of women in America would be happy to have.

The after pictures are what happened when she gets serious about diet and restricts calories to 1300-1700 per day. She starts to look more like a female body builder. The difference is in the diet, as both Hallowed and I mentioned. It's not possible to "accidentally" get ripped like that.

Note, the reason you aren't getting more feedback about "how to get my girlfriend to lift" is because if she isn't motivated it won't happen. This question has been asked on behalf of girlfriends many, many times. :slightly_smiling: If she posted the question herself, more women here would jump in to offer advice.

Best of luck.