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Routine Gone Stale...

Alright, it’s time for a change at the gym. I usually just do a five day split consisting of shoulders, legs, back, chest and arms. Traps and calves are also thrown in on one of those days. Over the last few workouts the weights are feeling heavy and i’m kinda gettin’ down on myself. I’m thinking about takin’ it back to the basics; squats, deads and bench.

Really I could care less about muscle growth and instead focus more on strength (although obviously they are connected haha) Here’s what i’m thinking:

Day 1:
Squats/Front Squats
Roman Deads
Leg Extensions

Day 2:
Bench, bench, and more bench
Incline DB
Lateral Raises

Day 3:
Deads/Rack Pulls
Pullover machine
Straight rope pulldowns (for lats)

Maybe a 2 on, 1 off split?

I’d wear myself out on the big compound movements and then the other exercises would just be thrown in for fun haha.

Anybody wanna share their opinions on this?

Three day a week, total body routine. One day between workouts. Trust me. 8-6-4 rep scheme…three sets, one minute between sets. Power Cleans, millitary press, front squats. Same weight for all excerices. When you can get all reps, add weight. The bar always gets cleaned the the shoulders, even when pressing or squatting. This is from the book ‘From the Ground Up’. Get it ? Huh huh ? The bar always starts on the ground.

Pressed for time ? Do a clean and press and front squats. This workout comes from Dan John and it bloody works nicely. Go sufficiently heavy and you’ll sweat and huff and puff nicely between sets.

I have made weekly strength gains by using a similar scheme the OP posted.
I used a set/rep scheme with compounds as 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 (rep out), then rep out with the original weight from the set of 10. Increasing weight in each set except for the last rep out set.

Then I supplement with simple movements using 5 sets of 10 with enough weight to hit failure at or near 10 reps. Supplement work for arms and shoulders, because that’s where I am lagging.

Like I said, I made great strength gains with this, but only modest size increases. So I am changing it up for a couple weeks to get more volume for size. Will probably rotate 2 volume weeks and one strength week for balance for a couple of months and see how that does.

What the hell are you doing? It is obvious where you have rationalized exercises and gotten lazy. HAHA just kidding, but really it is obvious. Ditch the leg extensions and add barbell split squats. Ditch pullover machine do pullovers. I cant remember any more and am too lazy to go back and look at thread but you get the idea.