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Routine/Goal Help

hows it going
I posted a couple of months ago wondering how I could gain more size. At that point I was about 155 pounds. I was recommended the easy/hard gainers routine with a large increase in calories in my diet.

I just turned 18 and I am 190 lbs now(at about 6 ft 1; and not too much gain in body fat). However, I have not visited the gym in a while because school ended for me (the gym was right next door and I would visit after school) and I don’t know what kind of routine I should be using now.

It’s only been about 2 or 3 weeks but I really need some motivation to get back in and some information on what to be doing now. I would like another good goal to go for. I think I would still like to bulk up and get a little over 200 by the end of summer. Any help, hints, or suggestions would be a tremendous help. thanks!