Routine for Traveling A Lot


A friend of mine pointed out this site and I’ve spent a few hours now reading through various posts. I was hoping I could appeal for some advice given my situation as I think it’s somewhat unique.

With my job I travel a lot (A lot meaning greater than 40 weeks of the year). It means staying in hotels all the time, switching time zones, and only finding consistency in inconsistency.

I recently spent close to 3 months in Sydney (ending early september). It was awesome for me as I had a pool in the apartment and was swimming consistently 4 days per week. I started eating right and the results were beginning to show; I dropped 2 inches off my waist and there was a glimmer of hope of actually seeing some abs again. I felt better than I have in years :slight_smile:

This said, the last 2 months my schedule went back to normal (i.e. traveling a lot). I do my best to pick hotels that have a pool, but this time it hasn’t worked out. Additionally my work hours are long & inconsistent making it difficult to build some kind of schedule.

How can I find consistency?
I really work well with a routine. If I can start into something seriously, I can keep it going. I do have to admit I’m addicted to seeing the results (flexing in the mirror, taking pics, etc.). Seeing myself getting softer and softer again is really frustrating…

It’s been about 10 years since I was last serious about working out (I’m 30 now). In the past I worked out with a buddy 4 days a week on a split routine with cardio being filled with sports. We did this from about 16-20 but were never what you could call seriously educated body builders. (Namely we lifted with good form but I was always hitting plateaus and didn’t know enough about varying routines & different excercises to get really great results)

Anyway, I looked and felt good… not good like some of the guys on this board but enough to get envy from guys and lingering stares from girls. Today I look like an average joe softy w/out any definition and pipecleaner arms.

I’m pure ectomorph standing 6’0 and about 78kg. The heaviest I’ve been was 95kg after my metabolism “matured” and when I was in my best shape I was around the 78kg mark still but at less than 10% body fat.

I’m attaching a pic of the kind of physique I’d like to work towards as a start as it’s something I know my body can attain. Sorry I couldn’t find a better pic.

What I’d like
I really would love to find a routine I can do consistently every week. Regardless of where I am, what facilities are avaialbe, I want something I can fall back on that’s going to help me look good again.

Is it a pipe dream or are there methods to looking good w/out steady access to a gym?