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Routine for Trainees with Hormonal Issues


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I have low testosterone, and I'm curious to know; given the limitations of the hormonally-challenged trainee who is attempting to add muscle and gain strength (recovery, hormonal role in building muscle, etc.) what would be the best training routine for them? Would it be recommended for them to follow one with less overall volume (i.e. a 3 day split) to allow a greater chance for recovery and better hormonal response? What about intensity of a training routine? Duration of a session?
Just something I had never considered before, but if people can train in a way which suits their bodytype, surely they can train in an appropriate way for their hormonal situation?

Any insight would be read with interest!


Muscles grow the same whether you have high or low t-levels

The difference mainly will be speed of recovery, and workload in the gym...and likely more fat gains while gaining, and less fat loss while cutting.


I disagree that muscles grow the same with low or high T. Unless you are talking very basics like the mechanisms to cause muscles growth because you still need overload and blah blah blah. But speed of muscle growth and strength gains will be terribly slow with low T. Get that fixed otherwise you will be pretty unhappy with the speed at which you gain anything.


Agreed, that's what I meant and touched on when talking about recovery. Better recover = quicker muscle growth (or ability to cope with higher demand).


Sorry i misunderstood. I agree then. Because gains will be much slower both in terms of strength and muscle. Test is needed for both. And recovery will be hindered. They are all connected


I agree with you on the slow gains- it's pretty evident with my own progress. I've been receiving treatment for around 3 years; I had stopped it because my levels had reached well within the recommended range and had been hopeful that I could maintain that; unfortunately, I had to go back on because my levels plummetted in the months that followed (my doc still can't give me a reason why.) I've noticed that I can gain weight, but gaining it as muscle is what I find difficult.


I had my Test levels checked last year and they were 200. I am in my 30s and I trained hard for the last 15 years on and off and made very small gains. Now that I'm on TRT my Test levels are around 800. I had more gains in the last 18 months than I did in the prior 15 years. Put on 15 lbs of muscle, and basically can train a solid 5-6 days a week. Makes a HUGE difference.


It's a trite answer, but no one can tell you what your optimal frequency and volume is going to be. High T or low.


Your doctor is an idiot.


Lol, I find it hard to argue against that. I had an MRI done before my initial treatment, which revealed that I have a pituitary cyst; however, my doc has maintained that it is having no contribution to my hormonal issues, yet at the same time can't tell me what is responsible for it.


You find it hard to argue against that, but somehow this guy is still your doctor.


Very true. you need to experiment with both and find where you can recover and gain and not regress. No one can tell you that. It would be nice and that is what i was hoping for but it comes down to it is very individualized.


I think it would be time for a new doc. I have bounced around trying to find a good one. I am giving the one i am with one more shot then its a new one. Not one has been able to fully help me yet. Finally get the T levels dialed in but thyroid is a another issue. I am going to give him a shot and if he lets me try dessicated thyroid i will stay with him but if not.... new doc.


Runners see a doc that will get them back running ASAP.

Collegiate athlete should see a doc with the latest list of banned substances on he wall.

Why are you settling?