Routine for Strength & Explosive

I would like an opinion on my current routine. I am 18 y/o 5’9 175. I play baseball and have a previous injury that does not allow me to bench (I eventually will be able to just not now). My goals are to increase powerlifting lifts (except bench), increase explosiveness, and possibly in the future do Olympic lifting.
Routine: (When exercises are back to back they are super set.)
Squat 5x5

RDL 3x8
Ham Curls 3x8

Split squat 3x10
Calf raises 3x10

Step ups 3x8 Each Side
Burpees 3x10

Jerk 5x2

Light weight shoulder press 3x10
Rear delt flys 3x10

Single arm rows 3x8 Each Arm
Shrugs 3x8

Pull ups 4x8
Push ups 4x14

Front squat 5x5

Med ball slams 3x8
Med ball jump throws 3x8

Single leg med ball slams 3x4 Each Leg
Backwards Med ball tosses 3x8

Thursday: Rest

Box squat 5x5

Hang clean 4x3

Power clean 3-3-3-1-1

Power shrug from the floor 4x5

Kettle bell swings 3x12
Box jumps 3x5

Saturday: Rest

Dead lift 5x3

Land mines 3x10
Cable core rotations 3x6 ES

Single arm land mines 3x5 Each Arm
Push ups 3x14

Pull ups 3xfailure

Rest 1 day and then repeat so the exercises will shift 1 day

I also do HIIT sprint training 4 days a week which involves a,b,c skips sprints, vertical jumps, broad jumps, and form running. It usually lasts about 30 minutes. I also do bands for my shoulder 5 times a week which takes about 15-20 minutes. I also practice baseball specific activities 1-2 hr on average 6 days a week.
Thanks any advice is appreciated.

Current maxes?

How much is baseball a priority -looking to play seriously at college/division 1 etc?

I have a 305 max squat (about a month ago). I have a 365 deadlift (1.5 monthes ago). Both lifts without compromising much form if any. Baseball is a high priority. I am looking to play in college next year. Thanks

You can do all the things, at own risk of becoming a jack of all trades master of none kinda deal, but ffs be clear about what your priority is.

For explosiveness there’s a search button in the upper right corner of the page. Search terms like explosiveness, plyometrics, jumps etc. and sort by latest topic or whatever to come up with some good stuff.

Ok, if training 6 times a week for baseball alone and its a priority you need to back waay off the extra workouts and train in a more integrated way or injuries are going to start sneaking in and shoulders will be permanently pissed off. Game day performance is what matters not being a hero in the gym.

Try thisbelow, -good all in one for your needs, add in an extra day of rest here and there. Also ask Thib some questions in his forum…

What injury?

Also, what position do you play?

More than few things wrong with your program, so I’d suggest just doing this strength program from Eric Cressey. Cressey works with a ton of baseball players, so basically anything from him is gold for you.