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Routine For Strength And Speed?

I’ve been thinking of using Waterbury’s Lift Fast, Get Big routine


Are there any other ones you guys can point me to? Perhaps maybe your own that has worked well?

Any CW routine they all ask you to LIFT the damn weight. not use TUT.

Also strength as speed?? West Side

hell anything that doesnt ask you to go SLOW.


do you guys mean the westside for skinny bastards routine?

No west side west side.

Read everything here by Dave Tate and Louie Simmons that will give you a start.

I think thats a fairly vague goal. What ‘speed’ do you want?

What is it for? Sport specific?

Depending on this, you may find that specific drills are more appropriate for developing speed and then you can pick a weights program purely for strength.


My goals. All around strength and speed. Run faster, punch faster, jump higher, bench more, squat more, deadlift more.

I can’t find the article to the westside routine. Could someone provide me with a link?

Look up

Westside For Skinny Bastards by Joe Defranco.

The Periodization Bible, Parts I&II by Dave Tate

The Eight Keys Series by Dave Tate.

Go to the authors section and click on the authors name.