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Routine for Size/Strength/Cutting


I am building my perfect routine

I dont like to train 6 days a week for to hours a day.
I like to keep the volume low and get in the gym for 1h max. and go out.
The Problem is, i like to get a better performence (big 3 + OHP), to get super aesthetic and to keep my posture, my hips, my back mobile.

I try to build a routine that has, Low Volume, Strength Training, BB Training and good Perfomence excercises.

The 8/6/3 part is based on a manipulation of 5/3/1 with no AMRAP (W1: 8/8/8, W2: 6/6/6, W3: 3/3/3, W4 DL) and the FSL meens First Set Last.

Would you change the routine? how do you think of the volume? Any other must have excercises or suggestions?

This is my routine i am planning to go.

Lower Day 1
Front Squats 8/6/3 + FSL
Super Set: - American Deadlifts 5x10
- Seated Calf Press 5x10
Super Set: - Ab Twists
- RKC Planks 5 rounds

Upper Day 1
Bench Press 8/6/3 + FSL
Incline Bench Press 5x10
Bench Rows 5x10 or Seated Rows 5x10-15
Cable Pushdown 3x10 or EZ Bar Curls 3x10-15

Lower Day 2
Deadlift 8/6/3 + FSL
Super Set: - Leg Press 5x20
- Calf Press 5x20
Super Set: - Hanging Leg Raises
- RKC Planks 5 rounds

Upper Day 2
Overhead Press 8/6/3 + FSL
Flat DB Press 5x10
Pull ups Total reps 30-100 or One Arm Pulldown 5x10-15
Seated side laterals 5x10-15

Thx for your feedback


Is the 8/6/3 routine intended to be based off this article:

If so, you should reread the 8/6/3 weeks section to make sure you’re doing it right.

Otherwise, that looks fine, if slightly press heavy.