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Routine for Pops

Hey guys, I’d like to get my dad started lifting, just for overall health and well-being, and to increase the chances that I won’t have to be carrying him up and down steps in 20 years. He’s 55.

A few months ago, I had him do Starting Strength, with just the little weight set he had in his basement. He took to it, and seemed to like it, but some little injuries have set him off track.

First of all, he’s got a bad back. Like, a terrible back. He goes to the chiropractor often, and it doesn’t usually affect his everyday life, but he always has to be careful of it.

Second of all, he’s developed very painful tennis elbow in his right elbow. He ices, takes NSAIDs as needed, and has taken a steroid dose pack from the doctor, which really seemed to help. But he’s done with the pack, so it’s back to hurting him again.

Thirdly, he has plantar fasciitis (sp??) in one of his feet. He wears special insoles in his shoes that seem to help, but it means that most running or walking long distances.

And, to top it all off, he’s not diabetic, but he’s what his doctor called “pre-diabetic.” He has to watch what he eats and his blood sugar very carefully, which he does very well, IMO.

So my question is two-fold: 1) What would be a good way to get him training, active, moving and stronger while, at the same time, minimizing the pain in his elbow and foot? And, 2) Diet-wise, what should he be doing?

Again, he’s 55, about 6’3", I think about 180 lbs. His goals (Or, my goals for him) are strength, mobility, slightly increased muscle mass.

Thanks a lot guys, you’re the best.

3 times a week whole body beginner routines. 3x5 too start not heavy like use a 15rep max but do only 5 reps.
Bike cardio afterwards.
Swim also alot.

Hope this helps.

For the heel/foot pain have him roll his feet on a tennis ball for 5 minutes a day (it is gonna hurt alot).

for the elbow use Linament and advil.