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Routine for Not-So-New Beginner




Yes, Starting Strength is the most common answer you will see when asking about beginning strength programs. It's not the only option, of course, but a popular one nonetheless. Check out the Mark Rippetoe articles under "featured authors" to get a good idea of what he's about.


ive heard about stronglifts 5x5 but never used it


Starting Strenght, Texas' Method, Madcow or Stronglifts will provide the fastest gains


Do a program which has you squatting three times a week and doing plenty of reps(on each exercise).

The rest are just details.... But 5x5 is definitely a good place to start.


Definitely Starting Strength. I only started it recently myself and wish I started earlier. You wanna get big or/and strong you need to lift strong weights. I don't like that Stronglifts thing. Starting Strength seems like a much better programme,


Kg's or Lbs, it makes a difference. If Lbs, eat more and squat 3 times a week. Stronglifts or SS are good bets.If Kg's then 5/3/1 is perfect. 14% isn't really "pretty cut" though...


Strong lifts 5x5. I'm youre height but I way 185lbs and as of now my lifts are up to

Squat 275 5x5
Bench 200 5x5
DL 325 1x5
OHP 145 5x5

and I've still got a while before I end this program. Also eattttt


What if it's in kg's?


Stronglifts treated me very well.



5/3/1 Monday, Stronglift tuesday, Madcow wednesday, Starting strength thursday, Smolov friday, Westside saturday, sunday eat ice cream




Ok definitely gonna go with Starting Strength if no one else can change my mind. Does anyone have a reccomendation for which starting strength program? There seem to be a lot



There is only one.

Also, 120lbs is anorexic. Eat a steak or three.





The program as listed in this article is the original novice version. Doesn't get any simpler.






5x5 isn't particularly high volume, Sheiko most definitely is. Your issue is more your nutrition than your training, eat enough and you'll grow and get stronger no matter what you're doing. Don't eat enough and Sheiko will absolutely bury you. Seriously, eat more. "I'm young" is a bullshit excuse.

If anything it means you can convince your parents you're growing and they'll think it's normal to provide you with a ridiculous amount of food free of cost to you. Adding size when you're an established adult often means cutting back elsewhere in the budget - I know my food bill close to doubles when I'm looking to add more size. Let me reiterate, eat more.