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Routine for Lifeguard?

Hi guys,
does anyone know of a good routine for a lifeguard, something that would help with swimming and running strength and endurance?

well…just swim and run. if those are the two things you want to improve…there really isn’t much else that can help you other than constantly training those two things. other than that, grab yourself some sun tan lotion and relax


Ofcourse but surely a supplemental weights program would be beneficial

This is the one time you might want to consider heavy curls and bench. One of your most important duties is pointing patrons in the right direction and if you can’t flex your biceps worth shit how will they know where to go.

You’re probably going to want to have heavy back and shoulder work, in addition to something that hits the entire hip complex (deadlifts, etc.).

Probably an intense cardio program on a 1500 calorie diet supplemented with Pro-Tan. That will get you into lifeguard shape.

But seriously, any general strength and mass training program on this site would probably help you out. More with your physique than with your lifeguard performance. For that you just have to practice running and swimming and retrieving heavy objects from the bottom of the pool. As far as I know no one has written a lifeguard specific program yet.

The US Navy has a fairly good training regimen.

It’s called BUD/S training.

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