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Routine for HS Baseball Player

I am using this as my in season program.Iam keeping each lift to 2 sets in the rep range of about 5-7.I cant lift with much volume since I cant afford to be sore for games and I dont have much time so its split into a lower and upper day.Let me know what you think,Iam not sure about the order.

Lower body day
-Deadlifts, alternated with single leg lunges every 2 weeks
-glute-ham raises
-calf raises

-weighted crunches
-russian twist
-leg raises

Upper body day
-Lat raises
-frontal raises
-skull crushers
-rope pushdowns
-wide grip pullups
-free weight bench press
-dumbell curls
-hammer curls
-Wrist roller
-Captain of the crush grippers

I’d drop the large multitude of isolation exercises on the upper day and stick to basics such as rows, dips, bench, pullups/pulldowns, overhead press, and also do some (light) cuban press (they are good for the shoulder girdle, and since you’re probably doing a lot of throwing, this is a good thing). Also, by hitting the basic compound movements, you won’t have to worry bout that overtraining sumbitch sneaking up on you when the season starts throwin double headers at ya. Also, it’ll make workouts more productive. Oh, and I’d add in some power cleans, they actually help make you build SPEED and strength, something I’m sure all ballplayers want more of!

drop some isolation, I’d add some internal external rotation and rear delt work in

What type of rows do you think are best? (T-bar,dumbells etc…)

Babell, palms facing you and making sure to pull with the lats.

Does any one know of a good routine for rear delts that is safe for the shoulders.I have just realized that my rear delts are lagging.Thanks bigpump23 for bringing that to my attention.