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Routine For Efficiency and Effectiveness with MMA?

I just started mma training. I’m trying to set up an efficient routine that will help my training but won’t gas me out. I am doing an upper lower split working out 4x a week. I’m working in the 6-8 rep range since I heard that’s a good mix of strength and muscle. I can afford to build muscle bevause there is quite a bit of fat I could lose.

Lower body consists of just deadlifts and squats. 4 sets of each. Should I throw some calf raises in?

Upper body is bent over row and pull ups with weights 4 sets each. Then incline barbell press and dips with weight 4 sets each. Then I do some band face pulls for shoulder health and like 2-3 sets of curls and extensions.

This is what I started following. I have read a lot of Eric Cressey and he reccomends athletes who use their shoulders a lot stay away from overhead pressing because it’s easier to overuse the shoulder joint. I will follow his advice.

What can I do for core work since apparently this is really important aspect to mma? I was thinking of progressing my way into abwheel rollouts for now.

Advice is welcome.

Honestly if you have a decent strength and fitness base and you suck at fighting, striking grappling whatever and thats what your doing now you should forego actually training in a weight gym and train like a mad man at the fighting gym.

Also in my opinion don’t train MMA. Especially if you don’t plan on fighting. Pick either a stand up or grappling sport and train just that. Everyone I’ve ever met who trained “MMA” as a hobby sucked at every aspect of it. Not very good on feet not very good on the ground. But I know many hobbiest bjj guys rocking freaking dad bods training 3-4 times a week who are not bad at all. So get decent at one to start with and if you desire start training another aspect of your game.

Remember to stretch and be mindful of injuries.


Like the poster said above focus on one thing. But I would still train it all. It just depends on how hard your willing to train! My advice is get good at grappling first, and learn to wrestle! Wrestling is a game changer! If you train 5/6 days a week for a year plus strength training on the side you will progress very quickly.