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Routine for Building Muscle, Muay Thai?

hi guys i m currently training 3 days a week of m.t. and 2 i m going I hit the gym.
I would like to know a routine for the gym of maybe 2/3 muscles for each day. I also wolud like to have a routine for bulidng muscle and gain weight, not for power or speed.
If someone could help i would appreciate it very much. Thanks

If you’re training 2x a week with weights and your goal is weightgain -pref. muscle- , then a fullbody program would make more sense.
Don’t expect lots and lots of isolation, say a “pec and leg day & an arm and back day” to work better for size then the following routine. You are doing 3x times hard Muay Thai, afterall.
So your body should get a big hormonal stimulus, not local fatigue.

I’d say do an A and a B day.


Warmup. Do 2-4 sets of 5-10 rep bodyweight squats at the end.
Narrow Squats or Front Squats. 5x5 with escalating weight.
Weighted Chin Ups 5x5. Start from the top position. Don’t pyramid but take a weight that you can handle for 25 good reps with nice form.
Barbell Bench Press 5 sets with ~5ish reps. Focus on clean, explosive reps.
Either abdominal isolation or Pullovers or Hyperextensions, wherever you’re the weakest.
Progress by adding weight on day A, save for the last exercise, where you aim to add reps.


Warmup. Do 2-4 sets of 5-10 rep bodyweight squats at the end.
Zercher Squats. Multiple sets of 10-20 reps.
Clean and Press 5x5. If you got weak traps, do 5 complete cleans before the press part or do 5 seperate clean & press reps. If not, clean once, press 5 times.
Rows, pick a core variation that you would benefit most from: 3-6 sets with 10-15 reps. Focus on quality contraction.
Do a few lose sets of compound barbell complex to finish off.
Nothing too fancy. 4,5 basic barbell exercises with medium reps done one after the other with no rest.

Progress on day B by adding weight on the C&P. Add weight and/or sets to the Zercher, the Row and the complex.

You can switch the position of the Zercher and the C&P.
Ideally, a full restday (no MT) should follow day B

Do that routine for 5 to 6 weeks. Go easy at first, especially with the volume.

I agree with the full body approach but you may also want to consider just splitting upper and lower with a full body movement(i.e. olympic lift) to start each workout. The reason to split upper/lower is just the increased volume you are going to have to have to see substantial results especially while training an art like muay thai. Also, programs should feature some power, strength, and hypertrophy training, typically in that order, no matter what the goal. Just the volume of the training in the chosen area changes. I like how he programmed 5x5s in major lifts as this will really help you gain QUALITY mass as well as strength. What I would really look into is some additional mobility work. If you are going to put on any substantial muscle mass, you do not want to have your movement/speed negatively affected. Good luck with you training and reaching your goal