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Routine for Bench / Squat / DL

I but together these routines for bench squat and deadlift, and i thought i would run them through with you guys.

Low box squat 3RM(2 wks)
High box squat 2RM( 2 wks)
low box squat 2RM( 2 wks)
High box squat 1RM( 2 wks)
Low box squat 1RM ( 2 wks)

Hang clean or full clean-5x3
Good mornings: 5x3
glute ham raises: 3x10
abs: 3x10

Bench press 3RM (2 wks)
2 board press 2RM (2 wks)
bench 2RM(2 wks)
2 board 1RM (2 wks)
bench 1RM (2 wks)

Close grip: 3RM
Icline Press: 3x8
Lat/Upper back work: 6x10

Deadlift 3RM (2 wks)
rack pulls 2RM (2 wks)
daedlift 2rm (2 wks)
rack pull 1rm (2 wks)
dead 1rm (2 wks)

Front squat: 5x5
stiff leg deads: 4x5( off plates
glute hams: 4x15
abs: 3x5

Light bench: 5x3
DB bench: 5x5
Shouler work: 4x10
triceps: 3x10
lat/upper back: 6x10

I’m 15 years old 5’8 and 185lbs, maxes are
bench: 225
squat: 335
dead: 335

Thanks for the help