Routine For A Newbie?

I’ve been reading a lot on this site and i’m really excited to try all the programs out there but i’ve been having trouble choosing between workout plans.

Currently i am 5’10 175 with minor ab definition(not sure what Bodyfat). I am eating a lot(3000 calories) a day but since i just started training I am not sure which program i should start with. I am afraid of going into an intermediate/advanced program, but at the same time i want a program that will give me great results considering i am just starting out and gains will be relatively easy for me at this point.

I like full body compound movements,(squat, deadlift,bench etc), but I’m not sure what type of split to go for, and which program to go for.
Programs i have read about so far come from the following list;jsessionid=CE06E77361022A367C3A5633C9BC7509.titan?article=279big2;jsessionid=B0B3068ABE9CFD529730704CE02BDE9.titan?article=280fat2

10x3,5x5, the waterbury method, periodization, and other stuff all sounds nice, but I’m just starting out and i want to get big fast(who doesn’t?). thanks for the help

Actually being a Newbie anything is going to do the job and a good program will do even better. So I say any of the above or any on this site.

Main thing is be consistant dont over think it just find one you like/understand and go do it. Bust ass and progress. Eat, a lot and healthy and you will grow and get stronger.

Base your program on compound movements and build your TOTAL body. Most of the programs here will do that. Do bench dips, chins rows deads squats, etc. Nail the form and get a good base of sthrength built.

So pick one program do it as written, maybe run it twice then choose another anmd do it. Just keep it as simple as you can dont get overwhelmed in focusing on this or that, put your focus into moving some weight and working HARD, let the program do the thinking.

Hope that helps and you have great success.



Welcome to the Nation. If you are truly JUST starting, as in “haven’t lifted weights before,” then consider lighter weights to begin with so that you…

  1. don’t start off with an injury or so much soreness that you have to take time off, and…
  2. learn proper form without struggling with the iron.

With that in mind, starting with 3 sets of 8-10 reps is a typical beginner’s set/rep scheme.

Once you are comfortable with that, after 4-6 weeks I would suggest switching to 5x5 and increasing the poundages. In another 4-6 weeks of this, you’ll have three months of working out and reading T-Mag articles, and by then you’ll have a better idea of what works for you and what you want to try next.

Good luck, and welcome again.

Phil and TShaw got you started well. TShaw has a good point, if you haven’t worked out at all yet, do 3x10 for a little while, then worry about another program. Big Boy Basics is a good place to start after you’re accustomed to training.

The only other concern I saw is your calorie intake. I know it probably seems like a lot, but at 175 @ about 12-15%, I think you might need to put down some more food. You can start at 3000, but keep a close eye on things. If you don’t start seeing gains soon, up your calories 250 a week. Read Massive Eating 1 and 2 if you haven’t already, that will get you started.

Good Luck

First, 175 at 5-10 with some ab definition is quite a good starting point for someone who hasn’t trained before–think how good you’ll look with the 20 more pounds of muscle that should come quickly.
Don’t worry about doing a whole bunch of exercises. Learn to squat and deadlift properly. I suggest training three non-consecutive days a week alternating workouts. So for example:

Workout one:

Calf Raises

Workout two:

Rows (with back supported)
Ab Work

For sets and reps I’d say 4 sets of six is great, but you should start at 2x6 (not including warmup sets) and work up.
Eat well, protein six times a day, and sleep well and you should do great.

Thanks for the early responses, but i guess i should have been more specific

over the summer i worked out and got to about 180 with good ab definition. then school started, the dorm food hit me and i stopped working out.

now i’m back, and i don’t want to go back to 3x10 for evrything(which is boring)

should i go for a 5x5 in full body compound movements with UPush, UPull, LB for a 3 day split?

or maybe the German Body Training 2000, Waterbury method, any other training routine out there?

should i be worried about going into something too advanced?

Even with your latest post my sugestion stays the same. Simply pick one of the programs on here that seems to catch your attention and is geared toward your goals and follow it as written then do another.

This will treat you just fine, they are proven and will give you results,