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Routine Feedback?


just coming off a 6 week 10x10 program and thinking about doing something like this next...1st exercise 5x5 with 2min rest periods, 2nd exercise 4x8 with 1min rest periods, 3rd exercise 3x12 with 30sec. rest periods....for example db bench press 5x5 with 2 min rest between sets, then incline db/bb bench 4x8 with 1 min rest, then cable fly 3x12 with 30sec rest.

the 10x10 was done with 1min rest and it was the first time i paid particular attention to rest intervals...
straight sets, so start with a weight i could do for, say, 2-3 reps over target and probably fail on the last 2 or 3 sets. so if i do db presses with 80lbs, might be 80x5, 80x5, 80x4, 80x3, 80x2. so thats 19 reps, next week get 20+, and increase weight when i get to 25 total reps. not sure if any of you are familiar with the bosshog training routine, but its kind of like that i guess. 4 day split-day 1 legs, day 2 chest, day 3 back, day 4 shoulders.

legs-5x5squat; 3x12 leg press 1min rest, 2 calf exercises because mine are horrible
chest- 5x5 db press; 4x8 incl press; 3x12 fly
back- 5x5 deadlift; 4x8 row; 3x12 pulldown (alternate rows and pulldowns week to week so each gets a high rep week, then a lower rep week)
shoulders- 5x5 bb press; 4x8 db press; 3x12 rear delt move(not sure yet)

i've done fst-7, doggcrapp, full body, splits, olympic lifts, a lot of research on various types of training, lift mechanics/form, diet....just looking for a little feedback on a new program from knowledgeable people, that's all. thanks.


Its a basic 5X5 with accessory work.

What is your main goal with this program?


my goal is to increase muscle mass.


have fun and eat lots.


What was wrong with Doggcrap or Fst?


nothing was wrong with them, just looking to do something different with heavy weights(i actually did them a while ago and remember spending more time moving around the gym, than lifting, at least doing DC). thought this might be a good follow up to the 10x10 i just finished. thought people may have some input on the use of variable rest times....or maybe i'm putting to much emphasis on it.


looks like training ADD


i would switch bb incline and db flat or you could do flat barbell bench as your first lift, then db incline then your flys. I just feel like reps of 5 with dbs is to little.




i'm doing 5x5 with bb instead of with db because it'll be easier to increase the weight incrementally(with db, you must increase by 10 pounds total, i.e. 80 to 85 is like 160-170). may be too big of a jump for me. with bb, i can increase in 5 pound increments. and i'd like to stick with the same core exercises so that i can track progression. i'll only be on the program for 6-8 weeks before i change it up. i tend to stay on a program too long and stall out, so i'm trying to get away from that habit. i put a lot of thought into my training and diet, so thanks again for the input.