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Routine Evaluation

-5’9 170lbs
-Shoulder impingement required rehab & routine following focused on mobility, rehab (strengthening lower traps, serratus anterior, followed by…
-Big period of no lifting (5 months-moving country, marriage)
-Currently lacking squat rack (purchasing end of this month, but am able to clean to front squat, have bench for dumbbell work)
-Anything with / means superset

-Return to training. Build strength up quickly to where it was prior to impingement, then switch back to a long term goal orientated routine (5/3/1)

F.Squat 3x5
BB hip thrusts 3x6-10
RDL 3x8-12
Ab roller 3 sets
Side bends 3 sets

BB M.press 3x5
DB flat bench 3x8-12
Chin-ups 3 sets max
BB rows 4x6-10
Face pulls/scap push ups 4x12-15

Deads 3x5
Chin-ups 3 sets max
Hanging knee raises 3 sets
Side plank 3 sets max

DB bench flat 3x5
DB M.press 3x8-12
Chin-ups 3 sets max
DB rows 4x8-12
Face pulls/ scap push-ups 4x12-15

Mobility still performed daily, along with a set of prone cobras, band pull aparts & planks (none to failure).
Calves worked on off days, along with a few sets of ext.rotations, rear delt flies, though these can be dropped if required.
Off days also involve grip work, and conditioning (sandbag carries)

Tried editing twice but it doesn’t seem to work. Sunday: 2nd exercise: DB bench 3x8-12 should be DB m.press 3x8-12. If the editing has taken place after I post this, ignore entirety of this message.

Looks good to me. For your first exercises (where you have 3x5) are you going to use linear progression?

I’ll add weight each time I nail all reps and sets. Whether each set has the same weight or not will depend on the exercise- for deads I prefer ramping up each set, on squats I prefer a set weight. As long as the numbers on the bar are going up over time, I’m not too worried about exactly how it happens.

Looks kinda solid to me. Try simplifying it, if you’re not ok with it. And make sure you recover well between your Sunday - Monday workout.

I was thinking about having one core exercise per lower body day instead of 2 as above (following 5x10-20) but I’d much rather prefer 2 exercises at a lower frequency. Originally I also had chin-ups supersetted with a push exercise, but I struggle with them so would rather give them their own slow and full attention (hence before horizontal rows).

Love the routine. I dont think you need to change a thing …for now. As long as mobility and prehab wprk are done religiously. Definitely do NOT superset chins lol. I like that set up, but it suffers too bad when you really want to go heavy. I like abs more frequently with less exercises, but as long as you do them it’s whatever.

Good luck man