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Routine, Diet, etc.. Help


Hey guys. I'm new to T-Nation and have been searching these great forums for information to help me reach some goals. I am a 17 year old high school senior and have been lifting pretty consistently for about 2 years. However, I really don't know how to put everything together. I don't know if my routines are good for my goals or if my diet is right. My goal, like most of you here, is to get bigger. But I really need to put on some weight and muscle mass. I'm 6 feet 1 inches tall and weigh exactly 150 pounds.

My routine always consisted of primarily isolation exercises and bench press. I was very consistent but saw little results. I'm currently in the second week of Christian Thibaudeau's "Training for Easy-Hard Gainers." I'm now working on compound exercises and consuming more calories and protein.
I have not gained very much during my 2 years of lifting(as you will see in the pictures) and I am in dire need of info to put some weight on (which will be very helpful for basketball)!!!

Any suggestions or tips are very very greatly appreciated. I will give any information about the pounds that I'm lifting or measurements if needed. Thanks.



Before I offer any actual advice I'll just get the standard responses out of the way first.

We need more info about your diet.
Get a photo of your back and legs.
Pull your pants up.

Training for Easy hardgainers seems like a pretty good fit for you, at least judging by pictures. Im assuming you are using part II for exercise selections, but if you are not its probably the best place to start. The good news is you are fairly lean and can probably put on a good amount of size without gaining too much bodyfat. Try to eat as much as you can, high protein and good post workout nutrition being pretty key. Report back with more diet information, like a sample workout day and non workout day and people will be able to help you much easier. Good luck


Ditto on all three of those points, also, try to get a profile shot.

Real simply...Hey Throwback, what did you eat yesterday?

Putting size on will come more from your nutrition than it will from training. The program is fine, but if you don't give yourself enough fuel, you'll be spinning your wheels.


Squat,deadlifts,bench press,rows,eat,sleep,repeat. If you're not gaining weight then you're not eating enough.I don't care if it's 8,000 calories.If you're not gaining keep adding calories til you start seeing some new gains.


Thanks so much for the replies. I will post pics of my back, legs, and a profile shot tomorrow, as well as a workout day/non workout day diet.
Also, since I'm playing basketball right now for my high school will all the running and sprints that i do right now limit size gains? Will it be noticeably easier during the off season? thanks


It will just mean you ahve to consume more calories to compensate for those you will be burning during pratice.


Yeah. Playing basketball should limit too much fat gain but at this point for you its all about getting enough overall calories! Start with 4500-5000 a day for a few weeks and see where that takes ya!