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Routine/Diet Critique


Hey everyone

I'm just starting to get back into lifting weights, looking to gain mass and get strength back. Fist time with some sessions solely for hypertrophy so is my routine ok or crap? How about my diet? Appreciate any advice!

I have some training experience but mainly strength training, eating dirty. Spent the past year just doing push ups, weighted pull ups, some isometrics and my job includes a lot of cardio.

Current lifts are 120kg squat 1rm, 155kg dl 5rm, 80kg bench 5rm. Weight 162lbs 11% bf

Previous 1RMs were squat 153.5kg/dl 180kg/ohp 67.5kg at around 180lbs 20%bf

Current Routine____

I have to run three times a week which isn't ideal for gains but that's what it is, Intervals monday and thursday and a long run saturday.

Monday AM: intervals usually short & intense. I have to do these. <6min mile pace
Monday PM: deadlifts 5x3 pyramid. Front squat 3x10.

Tuesday PM: weighted pull ups 5x5. horizontal db rows 5x5. bench 5x3 pyramid. shoulder press 3x8. lying bb row 5x5

Wednesday PM: Light bw circuits. Have to do these.

Thursday AM: Intervals. Usually 1 to 1.5 miles 6min miles 2 or 3 times + warm up
Thursday PM: Squats 6x3 70% 1rm. Pendlay Row 6x3. Seated cable row 3x12. Pulldowns 3x15. DB row 2x15 heavy (i love these)

Friday PM: bb bench 6x3. incline db bench 3x10. db flies 3x15. ohp 3x12. upright row 3x15. lateral raises 3x15.

Saturday AM: 4 to 8 mile run. 10 miles once a month. 8 to 10 min miles
Saturday PM: 3x20 bicep curls. 3x20 tricep pulldowns. 3x15 db shrugs. (sometimes miss this session)


Wake up. 15g whey, fish oil, vit c, vit d
Breakfast. Oats, greek yogurt, frozen berries.
Mid morning. A couple hb eggs or bcaas. Add a almond butter sandwhich if post run
Lunch. Chicken/salmon pasta/rice/lentil salad or chicken/ground beef + cheese wraps.
Mid afternoon/pre workout. sweet potato. 15g whey. vit c, vit d
Post workout. 30g whey. Should I add dextrose?
Dinner. Similar to lunch or some other red meat and potatoes. No pork, cant stand the stuff.
Later. Some eggs or cheese. Maybe some berries.
Pre bed. 30g milk protein in milk shake.

Thanks guys!


[quote]Arlequin wrote:
I’m just starting to get back into lifting weights, looking to gain mass and get strength back. Fist time with some sessions solely for hypertrophy so is my routine ok or crap?[/quote]
Your current training is not “solely for hypertrophy”. It’s all over the place.

You’re on some kind of: lower body, back-chest-shoulders, legs-back, chest-shoulders, arms split, with your set/rep scheme bouncing around as well.

I’d choose a program with more consistency. Even with the other training you have to do, a basic full body or upper/lower split should be doable if it’s laid out right. Something like:

on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. So the days you’re running, you’re just running (except Thurs). Or really, any other program that has a better outline than what you’re doing. 5/3/1 has a tons of adaptability that you might be able to work with, including solid 2 or 3-day a week plans if needed.

As for the diet, it looks fine on paper. Your performance in training, measurements, and the scale should let you know if/when to make adjustments. Just be certain you’re getting enough quality protein, healthy fats, and carbs.

Seems like you’re fairly lean right now, and you’re doing regular cardio, so your body will put the carbs/excess calories to good use. Don’t be afraid to push the calorie intake a good bit. As long as you’re putting in the work and going hard, you’ll earn them no prob.

Almost certainly. The body loves fast protein and simple carbs right around lifting.


Thanks very much! I was shooting for something like Layne Norton’s PHAT but it got messy. Waterbury’s routine looks real good so I’ll run that. 10x3 squatting was my mainstay when I used to train.

Will report back in a couple of months.