Routine Critique

Brand new member. Though ive been browsing for a while.

My routine.

  • flatbench 5x5
  • squats 3 x10
  • rows 3x5@90 degrees, 3x5@45 degrees
  • bench grip pullups sets of 5 till failure. Then 2-20 second negatives
    -abwork. Reverse crunches. Ect.

-powercleans 5x5

-deadlift 5x5
-incline bench 5x5

  • shrugs 10, 8, 6, 4 pyramid.
    -chinups sets of 5 till failure, 2 -20 second negatives
  • abwork. Reverse crunches. Ect.

Notes. - did sl5x5 minus squats, and had good results however ,Soreness in shoulder has taken Ohp away from me but hope to be working with it by summer again. Now adding squats. Some research led me to believe that 3 sets of 10 would be a good start conditioning wise. I literally just started at 135 and add 5 pounds a week. Started at an athletes stance but found a goodmorning effect at the top of the squat made my spinal erectors sore, then stiff for 3 days. Now my heels are outside shoulder width and feet angled out. Seems better and I feel like im squatting between my legs not over.

This isn’t a good program. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of reasoning behind it. Aside from the ab work, you have 10 exercise selections (counting your 2 row variations as separate exercise because changing the angle changes the exercise.) 4/10 exercises are back exercises. That’s weird. It’s also weird that an entire gym session would be composed of 5 sets, 1 exercise(Wednesday). It also seems weird to me that a) shrugs made your top 10 exercise list, while you don’t have a single legitimate shoulder exercise. And your rep scheme isn’t any good for the shrugs anyway, they pretty much need to be done in the higher rep range for all sets.

You clearly made this plan up yourself. And it’s not good. EVERY BEGINNER (anyone lifting for less than 3 years) should use somebody else’s program. Don’t try to do this on your own, it won’t work. There are plenty of good programs on this site. Find one aimed at your personal goals and stick to that instead of this Frankenstein’ed program.

One that comes to mind that seems like it would probably be in line with your goals and the type of split you’re looking for is Dan John’s 2 day a week program. It’s a more balanced/ better conceived version of what I think you’re trying to do here. Check it out, you can find it under the author’s section of articles, under his name, pretty easily.

ya it is. A little bit of everything. My goal would be strength and overal health…not really mass or bodybuilding. The two you pointed out dont fit in. Powercleans are the only olympic lift here. Doing 5 sets is pretty taxing yett still an easy day in between the two heavy workouts. Shrugs dont fit in either…only bodybuilding movement geared towards only building my traps. It took the place of Ohp… like I said untill I can get back to doing it.

The article you sent me to basically is simple as A. Bench / squat B. Bench/ deadlift. So I have the core activiities. Unsure of the rep schemes ? For strength i was thinking 5 -8 . This has 10 reps…seems more body building. ? Most routines have rows. My split has t o many or doesnt make sense. What scheme would be good for rows ?