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Routine Critique

Hey guys. So this critique my routine has been getting a little crazy (some really idiotic posts). I want to get to higher strength levels and much more muscular. This split and bodypart set-up is based on what MODOK mentioned in his thread and seems to be pretty popular with some.

Stats: 19yo, 180lb at 5’8", pictures in my training log. Strength levels bench press-245x1, squat 335x1, deadlift the same.

Here’s the routine I plan on following.

Day 1 Chest + Back
Day 2 Legs
Day 3 Shoulders + Arms + some lats

Here’s the exercises I’ll be doing. For each bodypart

Chest : bench, db work, machine fly
Back: Pull-up, db row, db rear delt work. Pulldowns.
Shoulders: press, some db presses (can’t do laterals), cable pump stuff
Arms: standard bb and db work with some cable stuff at the verry end
Legs: bb squat leg press leg ext sldl back raise leg curl

Thanks for help guys. And rep ranges are basicall standard . 4-7 for the heavy bb work. Higher for the db stuff. Cable stuff is basically for really good pumps.