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Routine Critique


Hey guys, just wondering what you think of this for bodybuilding purposes. Obviously the faster it can help me gain strength with appropriate volume the better it is but I'd be interested if you'd make any changes/tweaks to exercise selection, order, etc. that I might have missed

BB Bench - Work up to max set of 3
Push Press - Work up to max set of 5
DB Shoulder Press - Max set of 5, 2nd set at 8-12
Dips - Max set of 10-12
EZ-Bar OH Ext. - Set of 4-6, 2nd set at 8-12
Lying Leg press ext (on �8�) - 5x5
Seated Calf Raises - 3x8-12

Rope T-Bar Rows - 3x5,10,15
Pronated Rack Chins - 2x5,10-12
Power Shrugs - 2x5,10
Rear Delt Raises - 1x15
Supinating DB Curls - 2x5,10

Front Squat - 2x5,12
RDL - 2x5,12
Neck Extension - 3x10
DB Wrist Curls - 3x10
Lying Leg press ext (on �8�) - 5x5
Seated Calf Raises - 3x8-12

Low Incline DB Press - 2x5,10-12
Yates Rows - 2x5,10-12
CGBP - 2x5,10
Pinwheel Curls - 2x5,10-12
Lateral Machine - 2x8-10,12-15


i can kind of see it, but im too lazy to sort it out.

what kind of split is it?


Why do u start with rope T-Bar rows?


For bodybuilding, I don't like it. Why don't you go with a more traditional split?


Seems like a lot of heavy pressing in workout A. It's tough to see any kind of organization to the workouts. I'm sure you have some reasoning for why you included certain exercises, but it's tough for us to see it. How many days of rest are between each of these workouts?


-Chest, shoulders, tris, calves
-Back, traps, biceps
-Quads, Hams, calves (also 1 forearm and neck exercise)
-Upper body

So essentially a push/pull/legs split with upper hit twice per week.

Why not?

Could you give an example? Chest/shoulders/tris, back/traps/bis, legs and then hitting upper again seems fairly "traditional". Or is it the sets/rep scheme you would change?


Lol I didn't even look at the rep scheme. I'll just tell you what I do (and some of the other guys on this site that are pretty strong have converted to this as well, buahahaha)

Keep in mind I'm trying to bring up arms.

2 presses, a fly, and either another fly finisher or like, dips
2 tri extension movements

4-5 back movements (pullups/downs, rows of diff types, etc)
Shrugs and rear delts
2 bicep movements (maybe like heavy-ass hammer curls and high rep BB curls)

A lot of shit. Leave limping.

3-4 delt movements (DB laterals, a press, cables, rear delts)
2-3 bi, 2-3 tri movements

Take rest days when I need 'em!

EDIT: I should note that I used to do more moderate volume, but have been giving higher volume a try. I probably go through these 4 days in about a 6 day period.


Thanks for writing that up, but is that not very similar to what I have written above? The only significant difference I see is higher volume for back and legs.

By the way how do you like the higher volume regarding results and recover? You have the exercises but how many sets per exercise...1-2 max sets? Doesn't look like too crazy high volume.


ya not that different but w/e. Im sure it will work. Do your routine. Report back in 1 year plz with your results.


looks kinda bad, dude