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Routine Critique Please

I’ve been following this routine for the last 6 months with good size gains initially, however now the’ve slowed considerably.

Just wondering if any of you guys reckon it needs tweaking or if it looks ok? Im still looking to gain the most mass as possible:

Day 1 - Lower
Deadlifts 5x5
Front Squat 5x5

Day 2 - Upper
Close grip BP 10x4
DB Shoulder Press 10x3
Pull ups 5x3
Reverse Grip Pull Downs 10x3

Day 3 - Off

Day 4 - Lower
Squats 5x5
SLDL 5x5
Bar Hangs x4

Day 5 - Upper
(First 3 excersises are pre-exhaustion)
Push Downs 10x3
DB Press 10x3
DB Flies 10x3
T- Bar Rows 10x4

Day 6 - OFF

You definitely need to do more back work, you are out of balance with too much pressing and not enough lat work. Also going for size you almost always want to do something specific for the arms, and probably middle and rear delts.

You might think about switching to a push/pull/legs routine or going to a once a week split with your current four day program, both of those are good for size. Your leg stuff looks pretty good, it is the upper body plan that could use the most work. Good luck with it

Given the looks, you could transition to ABBH rather easily.

In addition to what others said, ditch the crunches for a better core exercise. Day 5 I’d consider something like a one armed row or some other type of row.

Although beginners can do a standard routine longer than more advanced trainees, after the period of time you implied your definitely well overdue for a new routine.

If simply mass your after try Charles Poliquin’s German Volume training. If your into more functional hypertrophy try Joe Defranco’s West Side For Skinny Barstad’s. Any of Chad Waterburys earlier training templates would also be a good such as the previously mentioned ABBH.

It might be a good idea to check out a few routine balancing articles availiable online from Ian King, Eric Cressey, or Mike Robertson.

It may also help by learning to periodise your training into hypertrophy and strength, and cutting periods. With this in mind it would probably be good to do, Chad Waterburys Strength Focused Mesocycle and a bridge to your next mass phase

But everyone is different, just train hard and eat well