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Routine Critique Needed


Hi folks,
I’ve gone back and forth over which training template to adopt, I have decided to try a 3 day full body template and just wanted some feedback as to whether it is ok or if I’m trying to do too much or too little etc…

Squat 5/3/1 & FSL
Push ups 5 x 10
Pull-up variation 5 x 10
Rack pulls 5 x 10
Ab work

TUES/THURSDAY/SATURDAY - conditioning/mobility - either hill sprints, kettlebell swings or hitting a heavy bag

Squat 65/75/85% x 5
Bench 5/3/1 & FSL
Pull-up variation 5 x 10
Good mornings 5 x 10 (light)
Ab work

Press 5/3/1 & FSL
Deadlift 5/3/1 & FSL
Step ups 5 x 10
Pull up variation 5 x 10
Back raises 5 x 10
Ab work

SUNDAY - rest

I can’t currently do 5 sets of 10 pull-ups so I will just use easier progressions until I build up and for the ab work I was thinking of doing the ab routine Tim mentions in the 5/3/1 book just tailored to my current strength level.

Any feedback or advice will be appreciated and thank in advance for reading or commenting, cheers


And Jim not Tim, so sorry for that embarrassing typo


Have you tried the 3 day full body version in the book (it’s in both I think)? It has roughly half the volume of this, and has had great results reported. Might as well start with something proven, just give it 6 weeks and THEN see if you want to mess with it.


With literally hundreds of templates and programs, why do people consistently find the need to create their own? Not trying to be a prick, OP, just thinking out loud. A lot of these questions pop up.


How long have you been lifting? Are you trying to gain lean mass or are you trying to retain mass and lose fat? For a beginner the frequency and rep ranges should build a solid foundation. I recently recommended my 14 yr old brother new to weight training to do a similar full body routine starting with a 3 day split with mostly compound movements. For someone who has been lifting for years I think it is too infrequent and doesn’t hit each muscle group adequately.


I have dabbled with lifting on and off for the last few years but haven’t particularly followed a program and haven’t lifted weights properly for about 2 years so I’m classing myself as a beginner and the weights I’m using are pretty light compared to what peeps on here are probably lifting, but you’ve got to start somewhere.
I want to get stronger as my primary objective but also generally get in better shape so I’m debating whether do a full body 3 day split or do a 2 day split leaving more time for conditioning/ recovery and mobility work.
Thanks for the feedback from you guys


I would for sure go with the 3 day split. You should have plenty of time to recover on that routine if you’re getting the right amount of calories and macros. You should make good strength and size gains fast not having lifted routinely for too long.