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Routine Criticism

Hey guys, first post here on T Nation…
Been reading around for quite a while and decided I’d finally join in with the fun…
Chucking up some ideas, and made this routine last night, just wanted some feed back on it… I’d do this 3 x per week

Back Squats - work to 1-5rm
Front squats - 4x12
Barbell bench press - work to 1-5rm with pauses
Incline dumbbell bench press - 4x12 Snatch high pull - 3x5
Lateral raises 4x12
Sumo deadlifts - work to 1-5rm
One arm dumbbell rows 4x12
Stiff legged deadlifts - 3x5

What do you guys think?

It looks like a bit much for one session. I don’t think it’s optimal at all but if it’s what you are set on doing I would make sure to at least continually rotate the order of exercises so that those toward the end of the workout don’t suffer

Dude if you are looking to do full body routines, I think you need to do some consolidation. Like Back and Front squats same session and 2 other dead variations? Just pick 4 big bang for your buck lifts per session and rotate them weekly or by session.


Yeah, that.

Take a look at Waterbury’s Total Body Training for ideas on how to set up a good 3 days a week full body program.

You’re trying to do almost a split routine as full body. I’ve never personally used full body training, but in my head it works like this: You forgo a lot of the extra exercises people use on bodypart splits to annihilate your muscles in a workout, but in return you make up for that with higher frequency per bodypart. You’ve got to make some concessions on your exercise selections, or at some point you are hindering your ability to effectively stimulate growth in certain areas later on in the workout.

If you want that kind of setup, I’d organize it as 3 big lifts a day, 3 variations of each pattern, and then some optional lighter accessory work after.

For example:

Day 1.
Closegrip Bench
Deadlift from Blocks
(Optional tris, abs)

Day 2.
Front Squat
Military Press
Good Morning
(Optional delts, abs)

Day 3.
Pause Squat
(Optional pecs, bis, abs)

For rep ranges for the big stuff, I’d either use a linear progression over many weeks, (say going from 6-8 reps down to 1-3 over 8-12 weeks,) or use some kind of undulating scheme., (e.g., day 1: 3-5 reps, day 2: 6-8 reps, day 3: 2-3 reps). For the optional accessories, I’d keep it light and higher rep.

I think something like this would work a lot better than what you have now.