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Routine Check


Been on a pull/push/legs for awhile. Good results. Usually ramped up to a top set in the big lifts and then did some assistance. I've been thinking about increasing the frequency a bit and doing an upper/lower. Just want to get your thoughts on this outline. Goals are maybe 60/40 in favor of hypertrophy over strength.

Deadlift 10x3
Leg Press 4x6
Calf Raises 4x15
Weighted Rope Crunch 4x12

Bench 10x3
Row 10x3
Curl 4x6

Squat 10x3
Leg Curl 4x6
Calves 4x15
Good Mornings 4x12

Military Press 10x3
Chins 10x3
Dips 4x6



Since this is the bodybuilding forum I'll go ahead and say this is lacking quite a bit to be a complete solid program. I'm not saying this is a dumb routine, but you should have a look at this thread for some inspiration:

I'll speak from experience having followed a similar program to what you posted, it will lead to muscle gains if you are eating enough; however, you'll start to get more of a dense PL look and not so much the BB aesthetic.


Yeah, I've browsed that thread and read every damn training thread on here it seems. I guess what it all boils down to is I'd like to get the volume, angles, etc. I'm assuming that you mean is what is lacking from what I posted above, but in order to do so I'd pretty much have to cut frequency back to 1x a week. I'd basically like to get as strong as possible on bench, squat, military press, and deadlift, and I could base those around a pretty typical four day split, but again the frequency would be 1x a week. If I try to bump up the frequency any more than that my lower back would be destroyed and I don't think I could push the squats and deadlifts.


Why do you have to cut frequency back to 1x/week? If you want to hit each bodypart 2x/week he has a 6 day split outlined in that thread too. push/pull/legs


Yeah, that's basically what I was doing, but my lower back just won't stand up to squats and deadlifts twice a week. Before I had two different routines for each "day" and was rotating through them. I'll probably just stick with that and keep trying to push more weight on the big lifts.


Who said anything about squatting and deadlifting twice a week? I get the feeling you didn't even read the thread I originally posted.


Yes, man, I have read the thread multiple times. I didn't say King Beef said to squat and deadlift twice a week. I simply said that I was trying to keep frequency down on those lifts to save my lower back, but still maintain enough frequency on the other body parts to maximize results. I'm just trying to figure out what that right balance is for me to hit those big lifts as often as possible and still have time for my joints to recover. I like working within that 10x3 parameter on the big lifts, but with the pull/legs/push I felt like I was too fatigued by the end of the sessions to give adequate attention to certain body parts and movements.


Check out CT's HP mass. I feel like that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for.


You could always do a heavy squat and deadlift day. Then do a higher rep squat day, front squat day, light squat day, light deadlift day, rack pulls, or do cleans instead of deadlifts on the second day. Don't necessarily have to do the exact same lift to get stronger in one. That way you could still get the frequency in without wrecking your lower back. You could also deadlift every other week or every 8-9 days. I did this for a period of time after my deadlift got above a decent weight. I just squatted more including front squats along with doing row variations religously.

I kind of just did it instinctively then later read that its not an uncommon practice and you'll find if your squat is going up your deadlift will too, at least until you hit your own strength roof and then might have to specialize. Kroc rows are great to do as well if you decide to do something like this. When I was training just for strength I liked more frequency because it just gave me more practice time.


Cool. Thanks, guys! I'll check into that.