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Pretty new here, lotta lurking!
Im 26/m 6ft 180lbs

I've been at it for a few months now, and lately have been doing the following; any thoughts?

Warmup (light stretching, jogging in place etc...)
Lunges 3x10
Squats 5x5
Good mornings 3x10
db Calf raises 3x15
Decline Situps 3x15

db Bench press 4x6
Incline db bench press 3x8
DB flyes 3x8
skullcrushers 4x8
DB Tri extension 3x10

10 min run

Bent over rows 4x6
Deadlift 5x5

Chins failx3
EZ bar curls 4x8
arnold press 4x6
DB/bb shrugs 4x20

10 min run

This is all from home btw.
Any suggestions to make each workout better?



[quote]Stryker wrote:

Any suggestions to make each workout better?


Yeah, scrap this routine unless you are a woman. There are much better routines out there. Do some research and use a pre-made time tested routine. There are too many things wrong with this routine to count.


Really? Even just for a beginner it’s no good?
What are some others you’d suggest?


Well, I hear Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a good one. If you are only going to workout for 3 days a week I would do a total body program for all three days. There are some good articles here to look at. Here is a decent one I have seen a few people get good results from http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/totalbody_training

My biggest problem with your routine is that you are only working each muscle group only once a week and only doing two things for them. The other problem is lack of compound lifts. If you are only going to hit a muscle group once a week you need to do a 4 or 5 day body part split.

I hope this helps. If you follow Waterbury article you will see decent results.


I don’t think it’s completely horrible… looks like the setup of a legs/push/pull. You need to just choose the right exercises, order, and setxreps. I did a similar along the lines of

Squat 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Front Squat 3x6
Leg Press 4x6-12
Decline Russian Twists 3x10
Ab Pulldowns 3x10

Weighted Dips 5x5
Incline DB Bench 3x8
DB Shoulder Press 3x8-12
Tricep Pushdown 3-x10-15

Deadlift 8, 6, 4, 2
Chins 4x6-10
Rows 4x8-12
Curls 3x10
Lat Pulldown 2x15

which I found to be decent for a beginner routine


Also I’m limited since all the exercises are done at home with basic equipment…

Thanks for the tips though.

Any other opinions?


What I don’t understand is that Starting Strength seems a lot less intensive than what I’ve been doing while those total body programs seem WAY too intensive. Not sure what to do…


[quote]Stryker wrote:
What I don’t understand is that Starting Strength seems a lot less intensive than what I’ve been doing while those total body programs seem WAY too intensive. Not sure what to do… [/quote]

SS isnt that unintense if the lifts are strong. You really gotta push the total weight up.

If you feel you are recovering well then take out a rest day and train SS 4x/week.



I think this routine def has potential, but some of the lifts need to be rearranged.
Monday would work better if you squatted first and then did the lunges, maybe instead of just 3x10 you could do 3x10,8,8 or 10,8,6 etc.
Move the Good Mornings to Friday since they work the lower back and chain more and belong with the deadlifts (I know it seems like a lot on the chain in one day, but it’s not too bad).
Throw in some direct hamstring work on Monday too.
Wednesday and Everything on friday except the Deadlift, chins and bent-over rows should be combined into one day.
Friday should focus on hitting the chain with the deads and good mornings, along with the upper back.

Hope this helps a little.


I find the good mornings hit my hams a lot more than lower back and I like to do lunges before squats cause I find they help me ‘warm up’ for the squats. I’ve tried squats first and preferred lunges beforehand.

Thanks though for your feedback, I got discouraged when I saw some negative feedback on what I’ve been doing for the past few months. Any additional feedback would be appreciated.
I’m considering switching to SS to try it out for a few months, any thoughts on that?


Definitely try switching to SS for a few months. It is a time tested program that adds strength and size to beginner lifters. It will also groove the correct form for compound lifts so that later on down the road you won’t get stuck in a rut due to bad form. Starting Strength is for sure not an unintense program especially if you follow the protocol of increasing the weight every workout. Additionally, SS builds a pretty balanced base of strength in terms of anterior and posterior development.


Cool - I’m gonna try it out!


starting strength, then 5/3/1, don’t neglect your conditioning