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Routine Change?

I’ve been running the Juggernaut program and I like it/ have had some good progress in it especially deadlift. I finished the 4 months and have recently started a new cycle, but 2 weeks in I’m kinda second guessing doing it again right away. I absolutely hate the 10 rep wave maybeIthat’s why. I’ve been looking into Sheiko so any suggestions would be appreciated.

My body I find responds more productively to doing bench, squat, push press, and deadlift more than once per week. A side note I’ve been lifting for 2 years and when I say 2 years I mean actually focusing on strength. I started lifting 6 years ago for muscle stamina in wrestling/judo never went high at all, very light weight A LOT of reps and sets.Thank you in advance.

If Juggernaut is working and producing results why would you drop it?

No argument for that I know I should stick with something if it works. I was just thinking I could try something new to keep my motivation up for positive gains rather then stick with something that I’m losing interest in.

Yeah that’s valid. Being bored tends to make you want to not give it everything. Sheiko is good. Often times people find their bench numbers need tweaking on it, but it gets good results and is frequency based. You might also try a westside template, since it is built on variety and moght keep boredom at bay.

could look into juggernaut 2.0 which i think drops the high rep deads/ 10s week

FWIW from the skinny cycling kid ; ) From Halloween 2010 until Halloween 2012 I went from 173# to 210# with same BodyFat and added 100# to my Bench and over 150# each on the Squat and Deadlift Following the Westside template Ad-nauseum for the first year and then Wendlers 5/3/1 the second year…again FWIW.