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Routine Change (Posture)


Hey guys. I've noticed a general lack of posture so i've started sitting upright, etc, and thought i'd try a routine focused more on correcting this (for when shoulder is okay).

M.press (5x5)
Chinups (5x6-10)
BB rows (5x8-12)
Triceps extensions (4x10-15)
Rear delt flyes (4x10-15)
R/C work- ext.rotations & side lying db abduction to 45 degrees)

Deads (5x5)
Stepups (3x6-10)
GM's (3x8-12)
Hanging knee raises (4x10-15)
Side bends (4x10-15)

Bench (5x5)
Chinups (5x6-10)
DB rows (5x8-12)
Dips (3x10-15)
Face pulls (3x10-15)
R/C work- Cubans. (also add in scap. pushups)

Squat (5x5)
Lunges (4x6-10)
Side hip thrusts (4x10-15)
Ab roller (4x10-15)


Yup, looks fine


I am concerned about military presses on Monday... I would put the after the BB rows. Just my point of view...