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Routine Based on 350 Method


Would it beneficial to base a full body routine on the 350 method?
I am 49
In good health but have a fairly high stress job and feel my higher set workouts are become to hard to recover from as I am not feeling pump and slogging thru
I have no interest in total 1rm max at this point but would like to have a “rep record” to chase to keep me motivated
Kind of pushing 50 reps at X% of body weight on main moves

Ex: did 80% of BW for 50 in 3 sets now doing 90% for 50
This would auto adjust for any leanness due to improved diet while still giving me targets

My main goal is putting on lean mass
With a second goal of dropping some fat
I am on a meal prep plan so nutrition is pretty spot on now!
I have a home gym with free weights so machines aren’t available
Squats of any kind kill my knees so I bought a trap bar

I was thinking:

Trap bar dead lift high handle 350
Incline press 350
Chin ups Amrap in 3 sets
Curls 350

Trap bar low handle 350
Rows 350
Behind neck press 350
Tricep extensions 350

Alternate above m/W/F.
On off days I walk and do yoga
And usually have a nature day on weekends biking/kayak/swim

Any thoughts?

If your goal is putting on some lean mass I would not make the 350 method the foundation for every single movement you’re doing. I would shoot for some rep PR’s with proper loading on a handful of basic movements that you enjoy doing, and can do pain free. IF you want to supplement with the 350 method on a few movements for each muscle group to compliment the previous loading type work, that’s a much better idea.


So do something like:
Trap dead 3x8
RDL 350 method
Rows 3x8
Tri ext 350

Press 3x8
Incline 350
Chins amrap 3 sets
Curls 350

That hits everything and I’m pushing weight on one upper and lower lift


I wouldn’t do a RDL with the 350 method. That’s a posterior chain loaded movement, so that’s asking for recovery trouble. If it were a chest supported row you could use it there.

I’ll make that switch

Thanks for help!