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Routine and Gainer Question...


Been lifting for about 8 months now. I've seen some good gains, but I want more. Recently picked up Pro Optimum gainer. How often should I take this? I have been told to take it in between meals and before bed. And than I was told just to take it post workout. Currently 6'0 188.7 lbs 12 % body fat...I want to get up to 200 + solid. I don't really care about being cut, right now I'm just goin for mass

Routine Question:
Mon- Chest (3 workouts) & Tris (2)
Tues- legs (5)
Wed- Shoulders (5) and abs (2)
Thurs- back (3-4) bis (2)
Fri- Chest (3) Tris (2).

What do you guys think about this routine? (I only want people who know what there talking about to answer)...Should I start working out on weekends too? My chest is mi weakest point, and mi arms are definitely the strongest.


You need to tell us your current food plan if you want us to help.

Number of total calories, number of meals, etc


Well it depends on the day...I shud probably start sticking to an everyday kind of thing. I may have 2 pieces of protein wheat bread with all natural peanut butter, 2 raw eggs, glass of milk. And than for lunch I have a tuna fish sandwhich on the same kind of bread mixed with mustard and a can of chunky soup (varies). And than for dinner it could be anything. I just kind of answered mi own question. I'm thinkin I should just consume more protein? I have started to buy mi own groceries but I find that I run out of things really fast...What should I start keepin in the house?


weight gainers can be really useful for getting over a hump. i used one when I hit a wall going from 195-200. the difference between what I did and what you are doing is, i was already eating a crap load of food. you are barely eating anything. eat more and you wont need to take a gainer.

as for stuff you should keep in the house:
-olive oil
-natty peanut butter


Ok cool man....how about meal frequency? What do you think about mi workout routine?


meal frequency? i can tell you are the kinda guy that gets bogged down with less important details. eat when you are hungry. if, after 3-4 hours, you arent hungry just eat something anyways. it doesnt have to be a huge meal but just something with decent macros. do this until you are used to eating every 2-3 hours. once you get in the habit, you'll be hungry at those times regardless of what you ate the 3 hours before.

as for your routine, how can i comment? you havent even told me what exercises you are using.



learn it


I understand the whole "first things first" deal, but you are going to need to gain quite a bit more than 12lbs to look like you lift weights outside of wearing a small tee.

Also, don't obsess over the small details at this point. You have a long way to go before you need to. Focus on the big picture, big details. K.I.S.S.


Looks like you eat three small meals a day?


Im a girl on a diet and I eat way more protein than you do.


.......if only more lifters would do this!