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Routine After Starting Strength


Looking together to put together my own program after 5.5 months of Starting Strength. I've reached Intermediate on all lifts except bench and have recently stalled 3 times. Despite enjoying the program I would like to train in a bodybuilding split with hypertrophy as a main focus. Was looking for feedback/constructive criticism/guidance on the following. Proper rest and nutrition is assumed:

Sunday (Bench)
Bench - 3 x 5 (add 2.5lbs per week)
Bench - 3-5 x 5-10 @ 55% of 1RM
Rear delts

Monday (DL)
DL - 1-3 x 1-3 (add 5lbs per week)
Lat pull-downs, chin-ups or pull-ups


Wednesday (Shoulders)
Light BB or DB Press
Front raises
Lateral raises
Rear delts

Thursday (Arms)
BB curls
DB reverse curls
Wrist roller or static holds

Friday (Legs/Light back)
Squat - 3 x 5 (add 5lbs per week)
Unilateral movement (lunge or step-up)
Lat pull-downs



I would add more back work.
You are hitting front deltoids twice per week but you don't have any rowing exercises at all.
Barbell Bent Over rows, Dumbbell One Arm Row, Seated Cable Row are all good choices.
And with all that pressing I would definitely have some external rotation work such as Facepulls or Scare Crows.
You don't have to add all of these but I'd pick one or two from each group and rotate after 6-8 weeks for example.
I'd also dump front raises.

Any reason why you have lat pull downs on leg day?
Squats, Lunges, RDL's and Abs should be plenty.


What exactly does this mean? What are your bests on the squat, bench, deadlift, clean, and overhead press?

Also, what's your height, weight, and general fat level (I'm not asking for a %, just a basic description - ripped, kinda lean, average, pudgy, etc.)

The program you wrote does not have hypertrophy as the main focus. You're still trying to start most sessions with a pure strength/powerlifting-based exercise.

There are tons of more effective, better designed programs in the Article Archives here.
That would be a good place to start.

Brotherman, based on the workout you just wrote up, I'm not comfortable assuming anything.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


"Continuing Strength"

Hopefully you've have a good few decades on that before you have to transition into the much less desirable "Ending Strength".