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Routine Advice?

Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on my program. It’s a 4 way split with everything ramped up to a top set. I have it set up like this:

Decline Bench 1x4-6
Incline DB 1x6-8
DB Fly 1x8-10
Bent Row 1x4-6
DB Row 1x6-8
Cable Row 1x8-10

Squat 1x4-6
SLDL 1x6-8
Leg Press 1x6-8
Calves 1x10-12 (DC Style)
Leg Raises 3xF
Hypers 3xF

High Incline Press 1x4-6
Laterals 1x8-10
Lateral Machine 1x8-10
Rackchins 3xF
CG Pulldowns 1x6-8
Pullover Machine 1x8-10

Closegrip BP 1x4-6
Dips 3xF
Lying OH Ext. 1x8-10
EZ Curl 1x6-8
Pinwheel Curls 1x8-10
Concentration Curls 1x8-10

I’m just wondering if that’s too much backwork? My tricep movements are going to be chest oriented as well because I want to hit chest again. So I know I’ll be hitting chest, back, and arms directly or indirectly twice which is what I want to do. Any advice will be appreciated.

i think this is a good idea, but i would make some slight modifications…

I would just add bench press or weighted dips to shoulders/back day after high incline press and then get rid of a lateral raise variation…pressing is very intensive, and i think it is best if you keep it on the same day…

then for arm day, i would just do isolation movements…extension movements(pushdowns, skullcrusher, one arm rev pushdown for pump)

another thing i would do is…go to failure on 2 exercises per bodypart and then just use that last 3rd exercise to get a pump…

in example, going to failure on bb row and db row and then using cable row simply to get a strong pump going nowhere near failure using very light weight…it’s easy to burn out going to failure on every exercise imo…

you might also consider dropping one back exercise on shoulder/back and doing a rear delt exercise…

Try it yourself and then after 12 weeks you can tell US how it’s working.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
Try it yourself and then after 12 weeks you can tell US how it’s working. [/quote]


PS: You can never have “too much back work”.

Thank you D Public. I’ll try your suggestions. I’ve only been lifting for a little over a year and I’ve mainly been doing strength oriented training. I’ve been reading a lot of the stickies and this was my first attempt at putting together a bodybuilding program that can achieve the goals I want. The Yates style training has caught my attention and I read Celphalic_Carnage’s Yates thread so I’m going to try his suggest on going at 3 weeks hard and 1 week lighter.