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Routine Advice Please


been fooling around with routines as ive gotten back into lifting, mostly just throwing weight around 4 days a week to get the strength back up. thinking about going back to basics, high school football that is, what do yall think?

flat bench 8/6/4/2
standing shoulder press 8/6/4/2
asst. - pressdowns, skull crushers, front raises

deep squats 8/6/4/2
hang cleans 8/6/4/2
asst. - leg press, seated rows, decline sit ups

8/6/4/2 - 2-3 min rest between sets, .65/.75/.85/.95 of 1RM for 3-4 weeks then 1 week of 4X10 at .65 of 1RM with all lifts

asst. - 60-90 sec rest between sets, 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps


upper back work? curls?


give 5/3/1 a try.


[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
upper back work? curls?[/quote]

Yeah, that’s a very unbalance program.


Pulling ie. rows, chins etc] should be a main lift in most strong programs.



i do rowing and pullups in addition to the pressing and squat movements.


[quote]Invictica wrote:
give 5/3/1 a try. [/quote]

+1 and take a look at the thread! you will have the basic and a complete program!



heres what ive worked out

1-knees up flat bench
2-standing shoulder press
3-single pressdowns or knees up skull crushers
4-dbell front or lateral raises

1-deep squats
2-hang cleans
3-single leg press
3-seated rows or upright rows (eventually bent over rows instead of seated, havent pulled the whole stack on cable machine for sets yet)
4-weighted decline sit ups or weighted back extensions
5-chin ups

1/2: work up to max set of 1-3 reps (3 reps add 10-20 lbs)
3: 5-7 x 3, 60-90 sec rest (7 x 3 add 5-10 lbs)
4: 10-15 x 2, 30-60 sec rest (12-15 x 2 add 5-10 lbs, its pretty much two sets to exhaustion)
5: 1 set to failure

i toss in some shrugs and grip work as well on tues and fri

eventually im gonna have to mix up heavy and light westside style, but im still building back up a little bit so i can get away with working up to 1-3 reps or 5 x 3 heavy twice a week.