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Routine Advice (Limited Equipment)


Okay, first of all. Please don't criticize too harshly, i already know that I have a lot of isolational exercises but i am trying to do the best I can since I am limited to only a curl bar and house hold equipment.

I used to do a FBW on M/W/F by doing

bicep curls
forearm curls
chinups/pull ups
tricep curls
forearms curls
calf raises
chair dips
weighted crunches

Recently i started changing my routine up and trying to push myself by doing almost of all these to failure, and to keep progressing every workout BUt the problem is that only doing half of these exercises takes me an hour, i can't complete an entire FBW in one day because i dont have 2 hours to dedicate.

So i was messing around and came up with this workout plan I might be able to do

bicep curls
forearm curls ( variations )
chinups/pull ups
pushups ( variations )

tricep curls
forearms curls ( variations )
calf raises
chair dips ( variations )
weighted crunches


I personally think this would be much better because the workouts are shorter and I can dedicate more energy to the exercises
but i dont have a clue really about body building so i wanted T-Nation's opinion.

And yes, i understand this workout SUCKS compared to your guy's but i am very limited on equipment. And I feel so far, this isn't too bad.

Anyways, please post advice
P.S I love the site, great articles.


I have no clue what your equipment is limited to besides a curl bar but... I'd throw some chest in there. I see you have dips and pushups, but maybe some bench or incline? Somehow I bet you could figure out something. With bench, you'd have the 3 main lifts: Deadlift, squat, and bench, so that usually sets a lot of people on their way. Good luck!


I thought about Bench press, and i once tried doing it on a small coffee table but i figured that was too dangerous because if i couldn't finish the rep i'd end up practically throwing it off.
But thanks!


Overhead presses and push ups will fill the gap.


working out generally has a goal. We can't tell you if your isolation exercises are good for your goal or not. It appears from your workout that your just training for the sake of working out. This is not a bad thing as overall I do that now.

Far as for the chest an exellent exercise resistence exercise without a bench is the Corner press. When I want to hit the whole shoulder girdle I make a circular motion while doing it.

I konw your upset about people telling you to stay away from the isolation exercises but with only 3 hours a week, your wasting time if your not supersetting them.

You can mix the forearm curls back to back with pushups, and biceps back to back with triceps. Also do thick bar deadlifts for a warm up, in orther words wrap a towel around the bar for your first few sets.


I weigh approximately 145 pounds, and am 5'8 -5'9
Here is a picture:http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4882/hpim0198ct6.jpg

My current goal is to bulk until I have enough muscle to start cutting, i'm thinking hitting only around 155 then start cutting, then if i want more muscle bulk and cut until im happy. I don't want to gain too much fat in one bulk phase.

I will definetly look up to the alternate chess exercises you guys recommended.

As for my workout, sure it has isolation but it has some good compounds in there as well. I've decided to do a 4 day split starting Monday like the one i posted in my first post.

Each exercise is 3 sets, and most of them excluding squats I will be going to failure. When i mean failure, i will try to push myself harder each time and complete 1-2 more reps. Though i've been stuck on the same max rep and weight on bicep curls for a while now.

Does this workout plan sound advisable due to my low equipment?
And what is supersetting?



Check it out. Good stuff for limited equipment.


Do you guys agree with me that I should go with a 4 day split so I can devote more energy and time to each excercise or should i do a FBW 3 times a week but have little energy at the end for my last several exercises.

I personally think I can see better results with the splits

And yea I checked out rosstraining's website as well, he has some good stuff. But alot of seems concentrated more on conditioning than actual muscle building.


Well, i decided to follow my friends advice and do this :

iso-u choose

dips/military press
iso-you choose

workout 3 times a week, and alternate workouts A and B. dont do workout A or B twice in a row

Do you guys believe it is better than the other one?


Its simple and effective. Yes you should make nice progress. If I were to change anything Id add a third day and do each once a week. a day of unilateral stuff like Lunges, incline DB presses and DB rows.



I think you need to realize that there are many different ways to build muscle. Sprints will thicken up your legs, pull ups your back, arms, and forearms, pushing a car will work shoulders, legs, calves, and so on. And make no mistake, ross does some very challenging and difficult work. Watch the videos in the article section.

I'm just wondering if your plan will allow you to push yourself, given your lack of equipment.

P.S. Pic of Ross.