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Routine ? - Add Speed and Agility?

18 years old, 6’, 192 lbs, ~12% BF

I lift three days a week, cycling RE, ME, and DE days (Week 1: Mon - ME Upper; Wed - DE Lower; Friday RE Upper then week 2 - mon - me lower; wed - de upper; fri - RE Lower)

I’m from Ohio so since the weather is getting nicer out, I wanted to start incorporating more speed and agility workouts on tuesdays and thursdays. I was wondering what type of volume I should maintain and maybe give some example workouts to implement?

Should I incorporate both speed and agility (which includes jumping) into each tues/thurs workout?

any comments appreciated, thanks.

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You would probably be better off to do you sprint work on the days that you lift. That way you are condensing the major CNS stressors and allowing for a fuller recovery. On Tuesday and Thursday you could do more low intensive conditioning work.

As said before, do speed and agility work on the days you lift, and do it before. It’s best seperated by a couple of hours, but you can do it right before as well.

Do agility work before speed and speed before weights.

For sprints, I would keep the total volume in the 600-900 meter range for the week, depending on your speed and conditioning levels. The proficient of a sprinter you are, the less volume you want because you’ll be able to stress yourself more.

Ehh…I’m not sure you understand what I have in mind. I’m not sprinting for fat-loss or endurance purposes.

I’m trying to do this to help increase my acceleration, top end speed, and quickness/agility/cutting ability.

That stuff isn’t all that taxing on me physically I don’t think…

Like today, I did a dynamic warm-up, then 6x10yds, 4x20yds, some diagonal cutting x4, L-Drill x2, then I did 4 reps of 15 yard build-up-25 yard sprint-15 yard build down.

Is that suitable for what I’m trying to accomplish (2-3 times per week on off days) and do you think I’ll see solid results from this?

Actually, what you described is pretty much exactly what I said to you.

You did 240 yards of sprinting, which is about 220 meters, along with some agility work. If you do that 3 times per week, thats 660 meters of sprint volume per week, which is pretty good. It’s actually a bit on the low side, so it depends on how proficient you are at sprinting. If you aren’t that fast, you might want to up the volume just a tad (~50 meters or so per session).

It’s my opinion that you should sprint on the days that you lift. If you have read anything by Charlie Francis or James Smith, this is the method they recommend- grouping heavy CNS stressors on the same days. Sprinting should be a heavy CNS stressor. If you aren’t taxed after a sprint session, you either aren’t sprinting or you are slow and just can’t generate a lot of power.

Of course, you can sprint on off days, I just don’t think it works as well.

Well I am sprinting…and I’m not horribly slow…I ran an 11.4 in the 100m in track last year.

I wasn’t really tired at all though afterward, I actually felt pretty good. Maybe the rest periods helped? (roughly a minute for the 10’s and 20’s, and 90 seconds for the buildups, basically to full recovery, speaking in terms of breath)

I didn’t really understand what you said before, but if you didn’t misunderstand then I guess I just misunderstood you…my apologies.

Nah, definitly no need to apologize.

It’s weird that you don’t feel taxed after a sprint session, especially considering that you’re running pretty decent times in the hundred. Those are pretty good rest periods. Also remember that sometimes CNS stress is different than muscular stress, you might not feel it building up, but then suddenly your progress will start to stagnate or even decline.

Bottom line: Monitor your progress in a couple of key indicators, if they are going up, then you’re doing something right. If not, time to change things.

Sounds good