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Route to Perfection

This is basically what i’m starting with and managing with until i’m fully settled on my own
i’ve been doing these sessions since October, progression is there but still can be improved
diet plan in the works, currently abysmal but in the works

Monday pm upper body

20 mins cardio either the treadmill or cross trainer depending what free

5 x 5 Bench 80 to 100 kg with wide arm press-ups in-between 2 mins rest

3-4 sets of dumbbell bench press (28 kg) 6-10 reps clap push ups 10 reps between sets 3 mins rest

4 sets of 10 reps of rows 40 kg diamond push-ups between set 10 reps 3 mins

2 sets of 12 seated power cleans 10 kg normal press-ups between sets 10 reps 3 mins rest

4 sets of side bends 30+ kg and 15 each side and 20 straight arm plate twist in-between

abs work out

haven’t really structure 1 it mainly a mixture currently i’m doing weight crunches kneeling 2 sets of 30 25kg
and various hanging exersises totalling 60 reps
or 5 mins continuous abs and 3 min wall sits

Wednesday pm legs
20 mins cardio

5x5 box squats 140kg or dead lifts 100kg squat jumps between sets 10kg dumbells
3 mins rest

3-4 sets of single leg squats 8 reps per leg 80-100kg or reverse lunges up to 16 reps 20 kg dumbbells
10 split jumps between sets 3 mins res

3-4 sets of 6-10 single leg dead lifts 30kg dumbbell and opposite arm opposite leg raises laid on my front 20 reps

3 sets of 45 second grip 1 min recovery two 10 kg plates

abs work out

Friday body

3 sets of max rep close arm bench press 60 second recovery

3-4 sets of dumbell tricep extension two 14kg or 1 28 kg

4 sets of various pull ups 8-12 reps

3 sets 10-15 dumbells shrugs 35-40 kgs

3 sets of 8-10 bar curls seated

abs workout

im thinking when i settle in a new place i will up it to 4 or 5 sessions a week and then change the Friday session where i do 2 upper and 2 lower and 1 conditioning or track session