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Roundtable/Article Idea

For a while now i’ve been confused as too some of the information/practices of many writers. Many people talk about how bodypart splits are garbage, the leg press sucks, training a bodypart once a week is less than optimal, you should stick to squats/RDL’s/free weight compound movements etc etc. Basically most articles talk about how crap traditional bodybuilding training/exercise selection is, yet I see Thib training the Superhero’s in exactly this fashion. I know there are no absolutes in weigh training…everything works for someone or for a period of time…but there just seems to be alot of conflicting information on the best way to gain strength/size/power.

I would LOVE to see a round-table discussion or an article by an author with experience in bodybuilding, athlete training AND powerlifting in which the different training styles are examined and some kind of a consensus or guidelines for when different methodologies should/could be used.

I know everyone probably has an opinion on this which is great, but i’d especially like to see some of the authors get together and discuss. Gracias!