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Rounding Upper Back on Deadlifts


Is this bad or does it even matter?


rounding the upper back is acceptable to some degree, but you are rounding your lower back as well on many of those reps


And my hips are shooting up to fast. Those are the two problems I see with it.


You're not getting your hips firing nearly enough during those reps--not a single one was fully locked out.


The issue isn't the execution, it's the set up. Your shoulders are way over the bar at the start, which means you are trying to row the weight up with your back rather than making use of your posterior chain entirely. Focus on getting your weight on your heels and trying to see saw the bar up.


Okay, so I need to sit back onto my heels at the start?


Given your build, style, and set-up issues, I think you'll find this tutorial from the P4P best deadlifter in the world very useful at this point:


That's very, very different from anything I've seen on the deadlift. I've heard that the "push the earth" away movement works better for shorter guys or guys with longer torsos, but that it is nearly useless for taller guys or guys with longer legs.

I'll apply his principles though and see if it is useful.


Okay. I used that style and pulled up to 90% of my 1RM. Started seeing rounding with that rep, but not at 80% or lower. I think I need to hammer my lower back with focused assistance to clean up this issue.